Hulk Hogan Wanted HOW Much For A Bullet Club Appearance In New Japan?!

Hogan Bullet Club

It was reported that Hulk Hogan of all people was originally approached to make an appearance at NJPW Wrestle Kingdom last month alongside the Bullet Club. However, talks fell through when Hogan had apparently demanded... get this... $750,000 for the appearance alone.

Eric Bischoff even weighed in on the possibility of Hogan making an appearance like that possibly alongside some old friends and how it could affect the club:

"Let's kind of play 'creative committee' right now. If we looked at the positives: if Hulk Hogan and myself, if I threw myself into that mix, or even Scott Hall and Kevin Nash, if the four of us stepped in as me being the guy that created the nWo and Hulk, Scott and Kevin as the personification of it. If we all came in as the grandfathers, if you will, came in and helped support it and endorse it and draw that immediate parallel between nWo and The Bullet Club which, by the way, is how it got started. It kind of became hot as a result of them mimicking or copying or emulating or paying respect, however you want to say it, to the nWo. That's how it got started, which is cool," Bischoff said. "If we were to at least recreate the components of nWo with Scott, Kevin, Hulk and myself and endorse it, it could have two effects.

On the one hand, it could certainly bring a lot of notoriety, a lot of eyeballs, a lot of press, a lot of credibility, lots of good things could happen as a result of that. But on the flip side, a lot of bad things could happen, too. One of the reasons The Bullet Club is what it is, while it may be kind of a wink and a nod to the nWo, it's also young, fresh guys of a new generation. There may be a portion of that audience, whether it's a large portion or a small portion, that would go, 'Eh, we don't want to see that.' It all depends on how it's done. I think it would have to be done very carefully; the nWo can't just come in and 'Bigfoot' it. The nWo would have to pay as much respect to The Bullet Club and who they are and what they've become as The Bullet Club would have to pay nWo, because The Bullet Club are the guys that are in the ring doing the work and making the action happen. So it would have to be the art within the art of utilizing the success of the nWo and the people in it and using it to build The Bullet Club as opposed to perhaps diminishing it."

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