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Jay White's Profile Has Been Removed From The NJPW Website

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An ongoing story has been happening regarding Jay White and where he will be taking his talents in 2021 and beyond. A mainstay who has accomplished so much in NJPW has decided to test the market and opted not to sign his deal with NJPW as has been reported. This has led to speculation of him taking his talents elsewhere, specifically the WWE who has had an interest in Jay White for quite some time as we have reported on Wrestling News World. 

This morning it has been noticed that Jay White's profile has been pulled off the official NJPW website. This comes after a New Japan Cup poster was circulating where he was on it, however it appears that was made prior to his decision not to re-sign his deal. At this time we are UNSURE if he has signed a deal elsewhere but we are attempting to find more information on this. Please stay tuned and join our premium section where we will be dropping an update on a major story happening in WWE tomorrow (Friday).

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