Jim Cornette Blasts Kenny Omega, Meltzer Ratings And More

Jim Cornette

There are two things about Jim Cornette that he can never be accused for: 1) he is an introvert and 2) he is fond of Kenny Omega. Cornette's podcast has been the home to his rants on the world of professional wrestling for quite some time and many times he has targetted Kenny Omega, especially his silly matches with a blow-up doll and later a nine-year old girl.

On the latest episode of his podcast, Cornette talked a bit about why he didn't like Kenny Omega as a wrestler or a person (he reportedly no-showed a Ring of Honor event with a fake injury photo just so he could go to a Japan booking instead) and then commented on the Wrestle Kingdom match between Omega and Okada:

"Dave Meltzer broke the scale and gave it six stars. (scoff) Let me explain this first of all because there's never been a perfect pro wrestling match. ...because that would be a match that is exciting, that drew money, that tore the house down, that got both guys over and showed no obvious cooperation between the guys... to reveal it was a work. That's never happened... there's always a hole."

Cornette also revealed that he was at fault for the star-rating system even being in existence after suggesting to his friend that he use the movie-rating four-star system to rate matches back in 1979. Once that was popularized and Meltzer grabbed a hold of it, it took off and became the standard. Specifically about the match and after mentioning matches that he believed to be legitimate five-star bouts like Hart/Austin at Wrestlemania, the Flair/Steamboat series in WCW and Terry Funk/Jerry Lawler in Memphis back in the early 80s, Cornette stated:

"I watched this match [Omega vs. Okada] and I'm sorry, folks. There is no way, shape or form... that this Kenny Omega/Okada match was anywhere near as good as the amtches that I just mentioned. It was a great display of athleticism, they took a lot of risks but it had such obvious cooperation and moves that nobody could ever get up from that it doesn't fit in that category. ...it was an exhibition of guys doing moves. They do a big move and lay around forever. ...some people don't sell it all. They sold too much. They sold so much they were in slow-mo."

Cornette's co-host Brian Last was a little kinder about the match, calling it "really good" but also criticized Dave Meltzer for awarding it six stars by saying that it kind of undermines your whole five-star rating system, comparing it to a teacher giving someone 150% on a test. Cornette ended this section by going on a profanity-laced tirade, urging Kenny Omega to quit the business for having "no respect for this profession" and adding that he would "have had his ass beat for exposing the business" twenty years ago if he tried any of the blow-up doll or nine-year old girl stuff back then.

If anyone is wondering, I have watched the match and I am definitely in the camp of having enjoyed the Wrestle Kingdom match a great deal but I do not believe it to be five stars either. Maybe four at most. As for Omega wrestling kids and blow-up dolls, those are both two of the dumbest and insulting things I've seen in pro wrestling.


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