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Kenny Omega Becomes First-Ever IWGP US Champion

Kenny Omega US Champ

On the second leg of the two-day tour of New Japan in the US tonight, Kenny Omega was able to withstand both Jay Lethal and Tomohiro Ishii en route to becoming the first-ever IWGP US Champion. After the bout, Omega commented:

“New Japan is a great promotion. We’ve got a lot of great wrestlers, but not all of the best wrestlers are here. I’m scouting the entire planet. We have to make this mean something. This won’t be a failure like the NEVER belt. This won’t be a failure like the [Intercontinental Championship] was originally. Remember how bad that was? I do. This belt is going to be strong. It’s going to be something you look forward to seeing. The scouting starts now. I am going to scour the planet, and you are going to see legendary defenses.”

Omega then capped things off by heading to the in-N Out Burger with the Bullet Club in tow.

You can watch his post-match comments below as well:


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