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Kenny Omega On Wanting To Be Legend That Never Worked For WWE

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Kenny Omega

Kenny Omega spoke with Sports Illustrated about wanting to be a legend that never stepped foot in WWE and his vision for New Japan Pro Wrestling:

"I would rather be the legend that never stepped foot in WWE but was better than every single one of them and did something that none of those guys could do in their prime or could ever do if they left WWE and tried. No one is going to win ten 'matches of the year' in Japan, no one could. I've already won ten. No one could go from WWE and win one – if you did, you'd have to have a better match than me, and that isn't going to happen. That's the kind of pride I bring to my work. AJ is the closest guy who could do it, but I'm talking about their roster as a whole. It's just not going to happen."

"My vision for the company is different from what we're seeing right now. We are using a ton of foreign talent, and it would be easy for us to cross over and extend our borders. We have talent that is looking to stay loyal and see this company grow, and I'm not just sitting on the sideline waiting to see the highest bidder. I'm committed to seeing this company grow, as well. I can be multi-cultural, multi-lingual, work a physical style, push forward entertaining storylines, and be the more worldly entertainment that the company needs. I'm also willing to accept the blame if it fails. I'm not afraid to fail, and I have no fear because I believe we can do it."

Omega had what will likely be the Match of 2017 today at Wrestle Kingdom 11 where he was defeated by Kazuchika Okada for the IWGP Heavyweight Championship. The bout was 46:45 long and is well worth going out of your way to see. A lot of the Wrestle Kingdom shows fall victim to overhype simply because it’s five hours of outstanding professional wrestling — a rarity in today’s world of sports entertainment — but you’re going to want to see this match.

We have complete results from Wrestle Kingdom 11 at this link.


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