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The annual G1 tournament to determine the contender for the IWGP Heavyweight Title at Wrestle Kingdom is fully underway. 

Thus far, the tournament has been exhilarating and has lived up to it's reputation of consisting of some of the very best matches in the wrestling calendar year. Each year, there are standout matches that wrestling fans and analysts alike rave about and this year has been no different.

The current standings are below:

A Block:

1) Kenta 8 points

1) Kazuchika Okada 8 points

3) Lance Archer 4 points

3) EVIL 4 points

3) Kota Ibushi 4 points

3) Hiroshi Tanahashi 4 points

7) Bad Luck Fale 2 points

7) Will Ospreay 2 points

7) Zack Sabre Jr 2 points

7) Sanada 2 points

B Block

1) Jon Moxley 8 points

2) Juice Robinson 6 points

3) Tomohiro Ishii 4 points

3) Tetsuya Naito 4 points

3) Shingo Takagi 4 points

3) Toru Yano 4 points

3) Taichi 4 points

8) Jeff Cobb 2 points

8) Hirooki Goto 2 points

8) Jay White 2 points

Wrestling News World's Smark to Death podcast predicted the show and thus far, Gedo has proven that nobody can predict the outcomes of the tournament. 

There are definitely some surprises at the top of each block. KENTA and Jon Moxley have both not only debuted in the tournament, but are sitting undefeated at 4-0 near the halfway point of the tournament. Okada is tied for first in the A Block as well and is set to face off with KENTA to determine who is the leader of the A Block at the halfway point of the tournament.

Jon Moxley is followed up Juice Robinson who has 6 points and it looks like a potential final night matchup could determine the winner of the block. Jon Moxley, by the way, has defeated Jeff Cobb, Ishii, and Shingo Takagi thus far in one of the most impressive debuts in recent memory.

Juice Robinson looks to have taken the haircut seriously and has really turned up the intensity in this tournament leading to a very nice 3-1 start.

KENTA defeated one of the favorites to win the tournament in dominating fashion on the opening night and has taken that to an impressive debut as well.  

Shingo Takagi and Will Ospreay have debuted in the tournament as Junior Heavyweights and have a respectable combined record of 3-5 with Shingo having the more successful run thus far at 2-2 to Ospreay's 1-3. 

The beauty of the G1 tournament is that this is a tournament that develops natural storytelling due to the results of the matches within the nearly two month long contest. The 2019 edition of the G1 Tournament has been extremely entertaining, high quality wrestling thus far with some of the more compelling matchups still scheduled to take place.

With just a few weeks of the tournament left to go, who do you think is facing off in the finals? Who is your favorite to win the tournament?

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