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Brendan Bradley

Hello! Welcome to my first article here at Wrestling News World! Since in a huge fan of all things New Japan Pro Wrestling, I decided that the perfect topic for my first article would be a dream match-card for their upcoming show in Madison Square Garden. So without further ado let"s get down to it!


Six-Man Gauntlet -Matt Taven, VS Kenta, VS Jeff Cobb, VS Kazuchika Okada, VS Mark Haskins, VS Zack Sabre Junior.

We are kicking off this fantasy card with an incredibly unique and intriguing gauntlet match between six of my favorite pro wrestlers in the entire world, all of which have drastically different styles from one another.

I really enjoy a good gauntlet match and think they can make stars out of its participants if booked and executed properly. But, every good gauntlet match needs a prize at the end of it, and the prize I was considering would be a future championship match of the winners choosing.

As a result of that hypothetical prize, there are so many unique avenues that could be taken here no matter who wins and I think that these six men have the sure-fire ability to make magic in the hallowed halls of Madison Square Garden and get the crowd excited for the historic night to come. 


NEVER Openweight Championship - Shane Taylor VS Shingo Takagi (Champion).

Second, on this card is a scintillating slugfest between two of pro wrestling hardest hitters! Everything about this match excites me and I truly believe that these two would have a gruesome and yet glorious battle, worthy of the prestige of the NEVER openweight championship.

Both of these guys are fresh off of an incredible 2019 in which they both picked up countless championships and staked their respective claims to being pro wrestling’s baddest big man with their terrifying two of a kind combinations of speed and power.

Regardless of the result, this would certainly be a knock-down-drag-out fight for the ages you’d not want to miss! 


Marty Scurll VS Jay White

Third, on this card is a match that was actually previously scheduled for WrestleMania weekend prior to the COVID-19 pandemic ripping the world apart……. By extension this was also the match I was most looking forward to WrestleMania Weekend and it’s a shame it did not take place. However, as with every dark cloud, there is a silver lining and I truly believe that Madison Square Garden would be the perfect place for this match to be rescheduled. Thanks to their magnetic personalities and impeccable in-ring skills, making this a marquee singles match worthy of the garden.

Both of these men lost their matches last time New Japan was in Madison Square Garden, so I think it would be a very dramatic and wise touch to the storytelling as both men look for their first victory in the most revered battleground in professional sports. This would certainly be a sight to behold as the villain squares off with the switchblade. 


2 Out Of 3 Falls. Double Title Match. Dragon Lee vs Hiromu Takahashi.

Forth on this card, is a fast and frantic battle between two of New Japan's top junior athletes who have an incredibly storied history with each other. Long story short, Over the past decade in various promotions, these men have wrestled 20 times in singles action with an even 10 wins apiece with plenty of wild action along the way for fans to enjoy!

For those unaware, Dragon Lee was actually the man who broke Hiromus neck in July 2018 leaving him out of action for 15 months, So despite their healthy competitive respect for one another, I’m sure that will make this encounter just a bit more personal than the ones they’ve had previously.

There’s also a very tantalizing feeling of unpredictability here as a result of both men just winning their respective championships a few months back at both of their home promotion's biggest shows of the year. So it doesn’t seem likely that either man will want to give up their hard-earned prizes anytime soon. Ensuring that they will go all out in their efforts to put this iconic rivalry behind them once and for all in the most important match of either men’s careers! 


IWGP Heavyweight Tag Team Championships - Briscoes VS Golden Aces (Champions)

Next up, is the first of two tag-team championship tussles on this card.

As two of the most popular and prolific duos in wrestling, today would square off in the hopes of gaining the IWGP heavyweight tag-team championships!

This match-up intrigues me greatly because of the unique styles found throughout…… as the hard-hitting and highflying champions the Golden Aces, would go toe to toe with the brawling Briscoe Brothers in the first-ever confrontation.

The garden has been the host to many spectacular tag team battles over the years and I’m certain that this would be no exception as both teams would clash in-order to make history!

Match 6. New York City Street Fight!


Minoru Suzuki VS PCO.

Following that tag-team battle, we would have a brutally barbaric battle between two men with an affinity for weapon-based combat. As Minoru Suzuki battles with PCO! with both looking to rebound from two major losses earlier this year. With Suzuki losing an IWGP US Title match to Jon Moxley in February, and PCO losing the ROH world title back to RUSH later that same month.

As a result of those aforementioned losses, I am certain that these men are filled with violent rage and desperation as they are ready to do almost anything in order to get back into both of their companies’ title pictures.

As such, that leads to an incredibly intriguing scenario to see who would come out on top and what chaos would result from this match going forward for both individuals win or lose. Making this a match that is bound to be a historic and bloody brawl in more ways than one! 


ROH World Tag Team Championships - Lethal and Gresham. (Champions) VS Roppongi 3K.

We have now entered the home-stretch so to speak of this event card, as ROH and NJPWs three most important championships are on the line in a terrifyingly exciting triple main-event. Coming up with this match was honestly really simple for me since these two teams are two of my personal favorites on both rosters and I think that they would mesh very well athletically with their combinations of speed and technique.

Roppongi 3K has done plenty of great things in pro wrestling including winning the IWGP junior heavyweight tag team championships five separate times. But, despite all those accolades they have yet to win the ROH world tag team championships even though they have made a handful of appearances for the promotion in which they have always looked impressive.

So I just think it would be a really cool story to see them try to do the one thing that they never did against the vicious and vindictive duo of Jay Lethal and Jonathan Gresham who have been on an incredible roll as of late since winning the ROH tag team championships at Final Battle this past December. This would certainly be a terrific treat for the fans in attendance and something that would put tag team wrestling back on the map where it belongs! 


ROH World Championship - Rush (Champion) VS Flip Gordon.

Next up on this list is the second of two matches that were previously scheduled for Wrestlemania weekend and the two-time world champion Rush, does battle with one of his biggest rivals to date Flip Gordon. These men have participated in various tag team matches with their Ring Of Honor stablemates. But this will be only their second one on one encounter which adds a special element of excitement to the proceedings at hand since both men are in two drastically different spots of their careers since their first matchup in June 2018 in which Rush was victorious.

Both of these men have been extremely successful recently in ROH, with some very impressive victories such as Rush winning the world title back this past February by beating PCO and Mark Haskins in a three-way match, and Flip winning a battle royal in order to earn this opportunity in the first place. This would certainly be a sight to behold as two of the best in the world square off for one of the most prestigious accolades in sports, in an arena that is shrouded in many historic bouts such as this one. 


IWGP Heavyweight Championship -Tetsuya Naito (Champion) VS Will Ospreay.

Closing off this chaotic and history-making card, it’s a world championship match between two of New Japan's best heavyweight athletes, as the assassin looks for his first piece of heavyweight gold, against the leader of a stable that he is very familiar with Tetsuya Naito!

As I just mentioned Will has some history with some of Tetsuya's underlings, including a victory in the Best Of Super Juniors final over Shingo Takagi this past year. So I would be really intrigued to see what would happen if Will squared up with Naito thanks to that added piece of history showing that he can get it done members of Los Ingobernables when the time comes.

Not to mention the fact it would be really fun to watch from an athletic standpoint thanks to both of these men’s incredible combination of skill and fast-paced attacks. There is also an added wrinkle of Will trying to get the championship back that his mentor Kazuchika Okada lost to Naito this past January at Wrestle-Kingdom 14. Thus making this an incredibly intriguing battle that can go either way. It would be a great way to end the night!


Thanks for reading! What did you think of my dream card? Are there any matches you'd like to see? Let me know in the comments!

You can find me on Twitter at @Coolguysince01 for more content! Have a great day! 

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