Notable Absence At This Week's Smackdown Tapings (Spoiler)

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WWE Smackdown announcer Josh Mathews sent out the following tweet earlier this evening:

Mathews is still selling the kayfabe injuries he suffered at the hands of Kane at WWE SummerSlam.

  • Mohammad Abulawi

    "these incidents have to stop" hmm maybe this will be like the referee strike but announcers this time list of people who got hurt this week 1.josh 2.jerry the king 3. hopefully cole

  • Ken

    "These incidents have to stop"… You could always hand in your notice, Joshy. 😛

    • Zatch

      Or he could get back in the ring he was the runner up in tough enough season 1 if anyone remembers

  • Kevin

    Actually, I didn't know Josh was in Tough Enough. That's how memorable that show has been.