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Nick Aldis has helped the NWA go from a “punchline to a headline”. Aldis is the current NWA World’s Champion & has been for over 530 days. Nick Aldis has been the driving force behind the revival of the NWA. During his title reign, Mr. Aldis has beaten the likes of: James Storm, Flip Gordon, Tim Storm, Marty Scurll, Cody Rhodes, Jake Hager, Brian Cage, Tommy Dreamer & others. Aldis has defended this prestigious title all around the world.

Nick Aldis has carried (literally) the NWA World Heavy Championship with pride, dignity and professionalism. A title which has been carried by the Harley Races, Ric Flairs & the Dusty Rhodes. Now that Nick Aldis has brought the NWA back to prominence and made the World Heavy Championship mean something again, who are some wrestlers who could challenge the “Real World’s Champion”? In the following article, I will give my breakdown on who I think could challenge Mr. Aldis and what their chances could be. Some will be obvious, some will be shocking & some will be out of the box.  

Marty Scurll


The first person on this list is The Villain. He was scheduled to challenge Mr. Aldis at the Crockett Cup before it got cancelled. I am too assume that Mr. Aldis will follow through and give Marty Scurll his second shot at the most prestigious title in the business. Marty Scurll & Nick Aldis have a long history going all the way back to the Dropkixx Academy days. Since that time, both men have thrived in their respective careers. But, to me, Marty has yet to reach the heights that he & Aldis know he can hit. Does Marty deserve a shot at the NWA World Championship? Yes. Can he beat Mr. Aldis? Yes, anybody can win on any given Sunday. A win by Marty would go a long way to help strengthen the ROH/NWA partnership & bring new eyes on the prestigious title. Is it the Villain’s time to finally become a World Champion? 

Eli Drake


Let me talk to ya about the next wrestler that I believe can challenge Aldis for his title. Eli Drake is a former IMPACT World Champion, just as Aldis was. To me, Eli Drake, is the definition of a professional wrestler. He can work in the ring, he is great on the mic & he has the charisma (heel or face) to get a reaction from the crowd. I think that there is a story to be told between these two former IMPACT champions & could make some for great NWA Powerrr episodes. Just think about it, Aldis & Drake going at in on the mic and in the ring. Both men have different promo skills & different wrestling styles, but both are bring it when they are inside the squared circle. I look forward to the day that these two meet & let’s just hope that it is for the NWA World Championship.

Jay Lethal


When you talk about ROH & strengthening the bond between the NWA & ROH, there is no better wrestler then Jay Lethal. Lethal holds the second longest reign as ROH World Champion, only behind Samoa Joe. Ring of Honor released some dream matches in their segment “5 Count” and one of those matches was between Lethal & Aldis. Mr. Aldis responded to that article on twitter, saying “ROH. Name a time & place and make the price right.” 

Jay Lethal has come to be known as “The Franchise” in Ring of Honor & his accomplishments in ROH are impressive. One of the longest reigning ROH World Champions verse one of the longest reigning NWA World Champions for the most prestigious title in the world today could make for a great story and a big match feel. Who knows, Lethal could be ROH World Champion when these two battle for the NWA World Championship. Can you say title for title match?

Bully Ray


Bully Ray has been everywhere and done everything when it comes to success in wrestling. He is ½ of the greatest tag team in the history of wrestling & has been a World Champion. Plus he is extreme. Bully Ray’s style would clash with Nick Aldis’ style, but that makes for a good match. Add to that the fact that both wrestlers are phenomenal on the stick & great storytellers in the ring, a championship match between Bully Ray and Nick Aldis would make for a great wrestling moment. Bully Ray; currently with ROH & a host on Busted Open, a national radio show on Sirius Satellite Radio, could help bring even more eyes onto the NWA. Can Bully win the NWA World title? Does it matter, it would make for a great program & help to elevate the NWA World Championship & strengthen the bond with ROH and NWA. 



The last wrestler on my list is Josephus. Jocephus has been so close to becoming the NWA World Champion & his feud with Tim Storm is one of the best feuds that I have seen in a long time. Based on what I saw from Josephus during this time; I crave for the opportunity to see The Kingdom of Jocephus & Strictly Business go at, culminating in a NWA World Championship match between Jocephus and Mr. Aldis. Will this come to fruition? Can Jocephus win the NWA World title? ????

Now this list of challengers for Nick Aldis is a list of people I believe can either win or make for a great feud/program with “The Real World’s Champion”. Are there others that might be worthy? Are there others that can make for a great story? Yes & I would like to hear them. Let me know, on twitter or in the comments, what you think about this list and who would be on your list.

You can hear me talk about this & more wrestling related things on Putting You Over.

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