William Patrick Corgan welcomes us to CARNYLAND.  (Entire Showed based around the rumor that is to come.)

Allysin Kay hits us with her Promo Class, but she gets interrupted by Zicky Dice.  Zicky is here looking for scoops & rumors on the NWA & the locker room.  Zicky wants the iggy.


Joe Galli is here to break it down.  Stu is here for some BREAKING NEWS.  Stu says that the truth on this rumor will be revealed at the end of the show.  Little Ben is here to let us know when that time comes.

-ONE TIME ONLY THEATER-James Storm lets us know he is an enemy of the state of Vermont.

-Commercial for 100% pure of hand sanitizer from May Valentine.

Tim Storm's CARNYLAND History Lesson

-Was Lincoln a mastermind or a carny?
-Class ended earlier due to rumor


-Thunder Rosa on Rumor
-on phone with somebody about rumor

-videos of others talking to others on rumor from William Patrick Corgan's rumor


-Dr. Rose Hathaway talks to wrestlers
-Sal Rinauro is afraid he will get fire (although he is not hired)
-Dr. Rose states she cannot help Sal


-video of Aldis talking to his sleeping kid about how to be big in this buisness.
-the kid does not seem thrilled.  Actually, seems bored.
                -commercials on all the new products.  

"In these Uncertain Times"
-Jocephus Commercial for his BNB

-There is information on the No Answer Sea
-Talk about the 5 lakes
-Birthplace of Ka-Rate

-Aldis on ZOOM meeting with Strictly Buisness
-Lots of rumor talk
-Aldis sets people straight and that it is their duty to set CARNYLAND straight

Pierre Le Pew
-starting feud with people who love gardening. 

William Patrick Corgan Addresses Rumors
-CARNYLAND needs help
-CARNYLAND announces that there will be an election to determine the first MAYOR of CARNYLAND

Next Week we will find out who the candidates are................................

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