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NWA president, William Patrick Corgan announced a new series coming to the NWA.  The Circle Squared would join NWA Powerrr and the Ten Pounds of Gold, as the NWA continues to reboot & refresh the NWA.  

William Patrick Corgan goes on to say that, The Circle Squared, will open the door for talents to be a part of the National Wrestling Alliance.  The new series will give this undiscovered talent the chance to put their money where their mouth for a chance at a NWA Talent Contract.

To apply for The Circle Squared

Yesterday the NWA tweeted a trailer for the Circle Squared which debuts tonight at 6:05 on.   Interestingly, not only is the NWA giving this amazing opportunity for upcoming talent, but also for the fans.  Check out the tweet and RT for the rub.  

Tonight at 6:05p est on to see the Debut episode of The Circle Squared.

First Contestants on The Circle Squared-PJ & Luke Hawkx

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