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Normally; I include the video of the shows at the start of the article, but based on the content & nature of this episoide, I am not.  Viewer discretion is advised as serious subjects like circumstances that lead to the passing of Hana Kimura will be talked about during this episode.  

A powerful show opens up with a testimonial from Thunder Rosa & her personal experience with Hana Kimura.  This leads into a round table of Thunder Rosa, Allysin Kay & Marti Belle. 

I highly recommend watching/listening to this episode.  You can hear the passion and emotion from all of these ladies on these sensitive subjects.  You will also hear from other NWA stars, such as, Mayra Dias Gomes (aka May Valentine), Ashley Vox & Kamille. 

I will not attempt to give a play-by-play of this conversation & topic, I will just say go listen or watch.  It was a great episiode, that is informative, passionate & emotional.  Hopefully, it opens the door for more conversations on kindness & tolerance.  

This episode was originally debuted on Carnyland's patreon, which can be found here:

Now, on to the first episode of NWA Girl Powerrr 001 | Cyber Bullying & Mental Health

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