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NWA Powerrr Ep. 18 LIVE Results

Happy NWA Powerrr day everyone.  Eat early tonight or enjoy the show while you enjoy dinner.  NWA Powerrr starts at 6:05p est & here is what is on tap:

The Bouncers (w/Eddie Kingston) v. The Dawsons (with Pope).

A Big Match with Big Guys.   Eli and Storm at ringside drinking some beverages.  Some big moves.  Some Big Spots.  And a Big Win by the Bouncers.  Sorry, for the shortness, I will make it up to you.

Storm Chugs Beer from the Crockett Cup.

Now a video package on Aldis at ROH's Free Enterprise event this weekend.   

Thom Latimer joins Joe Galli at interview desk.  Talking about the match up with Tim Storm.  

After Kamille strokes Joe Galli, both men enter the ring and Storm gets the upper hand.  

Storm controlling everything at first.  But Latimer takes control with a clothesline and some elbows in the corner.   The start of this match showed that Storm is not afraid or backing down.

Both men continue to exchange blows, but Thom Latimer capitalizes on missed spear.  Thom hits his finisher for the win.  The fake Mama Storm comes out at the end and is confronted by Tim, and Tim just walks away.

Murdoch comes out and demands a rematch and says NWA deserves a fighting champion.

Here comes The Question Mark, who speaks in Mongrovian tongue.  It is the Mongrovian National Anthem, then challenges Murdoch to a match.   Up Next, Sean Mooney.

Mooney puts over the website, the youtube and the weekend at the ROH show.   Which ends up with Marty signing a check for 500K to Aldis if he looses.  If he wins, he is the NWA World Champion.

NWA Circle Squared Debuts next week at 6:05p est.

Here we go, Starks v. Cross in a NWA TV title match.  Both men feel each other out in the opening minutes.  Starks finally gets the edge with a head lock.  Cross fights out of it and both men go back and forth in the ring and Starks win with a dropkick.

Cross slams Starks with a suplex.  Now Cross has the upper hand and the crown is fulling behind Matt Cross.  You can see Gary Horne from the NWA Podcast in the crows getting fully behind Ricky Starks.  

Starks kicks out of a pin by Cross and looks to be in trouble.  Cross continues to dominate with 1:20 left.

Starks start fighting back with 1 minutes left.  Time is ticking away. Cross keeps taking it to Starks, but he counters and Starks kicks out.  Matt Corss then hits a cutter and heads to the top.  That is it......time is up.

Zicky Dice comes out and mocks everyone.  

Up Next, Marti Belle/Allysin Kay confrontation.

Marti Belle puts over Melina. Melina is asked about Marti being controlled by Melina.  Marti gets irate.  Marti says that Allysin does not care about the NWA or herself.  Out comes Allysin.

Allysin, in a red dress, joins the festivities.  Allysin tells Marti she has no idea.  She goes on to say that Melina is all about herself and does not care about Marti. Up Next, Melina v. Steele.

Melina makes her way to the ring with Tasha awaiting her.  Melina dominates from the onset and getting the best of the early goings.  The crowd seems to be bhind Sasha though.  The hosts of the NWA Podcast could look a little more interested though.

Tasha with a hot comeback.  Hit a nasty neckbreaker, but Melina kicks out at 2.  Crowd fully behind Tasha.  Then Melina gets a 2 count by slamming Tasha's face in the mat.  Melina calls for her finisher, but Tasha fights back.  Melina gets the upper hand with a clothes line and wins after hitting her old school WWE finisher.  

Melina cuts a promo about proving herself.  Very intense.  Next week she calls out Thunder Rosa for next week.  For the title.

Now up, Strictly Business v. RNR express.  Crowd fully behind the RNR express.

Royce starts off the match and May Valentine is in the crowd.  

RNR and Strictly Business go back and forth.  Finally, RNR takes the advantage and the crowd is full hot.   More back and forth by both teams.  Finally, Strictly Business gets a cheap victory and they do not care.

Show goes off the air with Aldis talking about integrity......

See You Next Week...............

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