NWA Super Powerrr was suppose to be the go-home show before The Crocket Cup; but because of the world that we live in now & the Crockett Cup getting postponed, this edition of NWA Powerrr was put on the back burner. Until now.

William Patrick Corgan, NWA President, opens the broadcast by wishing everyone everywhere well during these tough times. Mr. Corgan mentions of a special announcement that will be announced at the end of this episode.

-Galli & Bennet welcome us to the GPB studio & give us a rundown of all the action that we are about to see.

-Dave Marquez at the interview table with Scurll & Brody King.

-video package of past attempts from Joe Galli to get Kamille to talk

Madi Maxx vs. Kamille

This will be Kamille’s in-ring debut for the NWA. Kamille dominates this encounter. Tossing around Maxx & utilizing her power & strength. After a powerslam & a rolling senton, Kamille hits her spear. 1-2-3. 

Winner by pinfall, Kamille

-Galli attempts to talk to Kamille, but she walks away & we get the taped vignette of her speaking for the first time.

-Austin Idol Commercial
-video flashback to Trevor Murdoch defeating The Question Mark, then getting attacked by Aron Stevens & Rock '' Roll Express getting involved.
-Mooney at interview table with Rock 'N' Roll Express putting over The Crockett Cup & they are the best tag team in the world.

Aron Stevens & Question Mark vs Rock 'N' Roll Express

Morton & Question Mark get us started, but Mark tags in Stevens quickly.  Morton has the upper hand early & Stevens tags back out.  The crowd is real hot right now.  Question Mark chops Morton to the ground and tags back in Stevens.  Stevens enters and gets arm dragged & leveled by Gibson.  Rock 'N' Roll Express go back and forth with right hands to the face of Stevens.  

Stevens battles back with an eye gouge. Out comes Trevor Murdoch & Stevens is distracted & grabs a mic. Stevens announces Question Mark Jr. as their insurance policy & out comes a gigantic man.  Stevens says he ways 450 Mongroves.

 Stevens takes down Morton & is in control.  Question Mark Jr. interferes & Murdoch chases him away.  The Rock 'N' Roll Express use this distraction to roll up Stevens for the 1-2-3.

Winners by pinfall, The Rock 'N'Roll Express

-video package of Zicky Dice becoming TV Champion.
-video package of Melina & Thunder Rosa match which gets interrupted by Allysin Kay & then an appearance from Kamille who spears Kay & eyes Thunder Rosa. 
-Melina at the interview desk giving reason why she should be fighting for the NWA Championship & how Allysin Kay
-Allysin Kay makes her way to podium saying that Melina & Marti Belle distracted her during her rematch with Thunder Rosa 
-Thunder Rosa comes out saying that the distractions in her match with Allysin Kay had no bearing on the outcome.
-Rosa declares herself the best in the world & challenges Melina & Allysin Kay to a triple threat match
-video flashback of the feud with Danny Deals, "Mama Storm" & Jax Dane.

Jax Dane vs. Tim Storm: NO DQ Match

If Storm wins this match, he gets 5 minutes in the ring with Danny Deals.  Jax comes out first and just waits for Storm to come through the curtain.  The two lay into each other on the outside.  Jax tosses Storm into ring & hits a big splash.  A belly-to-belly from Jax & back to the outside go the two men.  Storm fights back & irish whips Dane into the steps.  Storm continues to bring the fight to Dane & the two men fight up the stairs here at the GPB Studios.

At the top of the areana, Storm slams Jax's head into the steel cables.  Dane fights back & slams Storm's head into the cables now.  Dane is just laying into Storm & beating him down.  Storm slams the steel door into the knee of Dane.  Now the two men continue to battle all the way down the stairs.  The two men finally reach the bottom of the stairs & Storm drives Jax's head into the Crockett Cup. 

Both men look exhausted.  Storm & Dane exchange strikes, slaps & chops outside the ring.  Dane hits a belly-to-belly suplex on the studio floor.  

Back in the ring, Danny Deals tosses a chair to Jax.  Dane sets the chair up in the corner.  Storm fights back with a clothesline & a big boot, but Dane pops right back up.  Dane picks up Storm & hits the Dane Event (Samoan Drop).  Storm gets to his feet & moves out of the way of a charging Dane, who goes head first into the steel chair.  Storm uses this opportunity to land the Perfect Storm for the 1-2-3 & 5 mins in the ring with Danny Deals.

Deals is reluctant to get in the ring, but the ref makes him.  Danny Deals puts on his "Mama Storm" costume, but Storm takes the wig off.  Deals offers his hand to Storm, but Storm lands the Perfect Storm.  Then, to appease the NWA faithfull, plants Deals with another Perfect Storm.

-video package of May Valentine's Diary VLOG. 

Tasha Steelz vs Marti Belle vs Ashley Vox

Vox & Steelz shake hands at the start, but Marti Belle turns away.  Vox & Steelz start us off.  Both ladies show off their speed and agility.  A senton from Vox for a 2 count.  Belle enters now and slams Steelz into the corner.  Belle continues to beat down Steelz & then lands hip attacks into both ladies.  Belle showing off her power and strength as she lands 2 of 3 suplexes.  Belle is in complete control of this match.  Belle lands some strikes on both Vox & Steelz.  Vox fights back with a headbutt & now Steelz & Belle exchange blows.  Steelz using her speed to escape from Belle.  Vox battles back with a drop kick off the top rope.  Belle lands a right hand to Vox.  Vox fights back & knocks down Belle.  Vox locks Steelz in a submission, but Belle breaks it up.  Steelz takes advantage of this & lands a codebreaker on Marti Belle for the 1-2-3.

Winner by pinfall, Tasha Steelz

-video package of history between Kingston & Pope.
-Marquez is at interview podium with Kingston, Storm & Eli.
-Kingston talks about having history with Drake and Storm and knows they love to fight, so that is why he recruited them to help him with his battle with Pope & Bouncers.
-Marquez interviews the tag champions, who talk about how prestigious the titles are & challenges any tag team to step up.

-video package of Scurll/Aldis feud that would of culminated at the Crockett Cup

Villian Enterprises (Scurll/King) vs Strictly Buisness (Aldis/Latimer)

Aldis and Latimer make their way to the ring first, followed by Villain Enterprises.  This NWA vs ROH clash will be one hell of a match.  Scurll and Aldis smack talking at the start & those two will start things off, but Aldis quickly tags out.  So, Aldis makes the tag to Brody King & he takes it to Latimer.  The two big men show both their power and strength.  A drop kick by Latimer & then a shoulder tackle by Brody.  Brody chops Latimer's exposed chest.  Aldis hits Brody as he goes off the ropes, which gives Latimer the opportunity to lay some strikes in.  Scurll does the same thing to Latimer & Brody tags in Marty.  Ref Hebner tells all the men to stop using knees when they are not the legal man in the ring, otherwise you will be disqualified.

Scurll gets thrown off the ropes and pretends to be hit my Aldis.  Hebner is irate & threatens to toss Aldis.  Latimer charges Scurll, but is met with a drop toe hold.  Villain Enterprises execute some double team moves. 

Quick tags & baiting Aldis in order to execute double team tactics.  Scurll with a super-kick to the side of the head of Latimer who was standing on the outside.  Aldis has had enough and shoves Marty over the top rope.  Latimer drives Marty face first into the steel post.  The referee has his hands full in the ring with Brody King, this gives Latimer time to pummel Marty on the outside.  Back in the ring, Latimer tags Aldis.  Aldis lays in Marty & rakes his face across the top rope.  Aldi baits Brody, which distracts the ref & gives them time to double team Aldis.  Some great heel double team work from Strictly Business & Marty is taking a beating.  Latimer works on Marty with a headlock.  Marty fights back & suplexes Latimer.  Both men make the hot tag & Brody gets the first strike in on Aldis.  Brody is clearing house with fists and elbows.  King hits lariats on both me & then hits them both with a splash.  Villain Enterprises his a lariat, kick to the head combination.  Scurll & King land a sunset flip into a german suplex on Latimer.  Aldis tries to get the better of Brody, but King hits a lariat and a piledriver.  Latimer breaks up pin and tosses King into the post and to the outside.  Marty pulls down the top rope on a charging Latimer, which leave him & Aldis alone in the ring.  Aldis tries to block super kick to face, but Marty kicks the shins.  Scurll is calling for the chicken wing, but out come Isaacs & Kamille.  Scurll blocks an attack from Aldis with the umbrella, takes the umbrella and levels Royce with it.  Latimer gets back in the ring, but Marty lands a suicide dive to the outside.  Latimer takes advantage in all this chaos and hits a low blow on Brody, which is followed up by Aldis hitting a big elbow drop from the top rope for the 1-2-3.

Winner by pinfall, Strictly Buisness (Aldis/Latimer)

-William Patrick Corgan comes back on at the end to announce Carnyland, a new show from the NWA Alliance. 

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