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The show kicks off with a promo from two weeks ago from Melina challenging Thunder Rosa to a title match tonight.  Galli and Bennett welcome us to the show and the crowd is hot.

David Marquez stands with Tim Storm at the podium.  Tim says not to mess with Momma Storm.  That is his hot button.  Tim goes on to say that he respects Stricktly buisness, but he has things he needs to take care of.  Out comes Thom Latimer and says Tim is old news.  Danny Deals comes out, person who played Momma Storm.  

Danny Deals tells Tim that he has a deal for him.  Tim tells Danny that he wants to get his hands on him because of him disrespecting Momma Storm.  Danny says makes Tim Storm a deal; door number 1 or door number 2?  Tim says he does not care what door, he just wants Danny Deals.  Danny brings up the shady tactics that Tim used to win the NWA title and left Jax Dane in the dust.  If Tim beats Jax, then he gets his hands on Danny.  If Jax wins, then he gets a NWA contract.

Matt Cross v. Zicky Dice v. Ricky Starks-Triple Threat

Matt Cross stands with David Marquez now and says that this is the time and the place that Matt Cross is going to show the world that he and the NWA are not afraid of wrestling.  Cross heads to the ring and is ready for a fight.   Out comes the Outlandish one, Zicky Dice.  Ricky Starks also makes his way to the ring.  This triple threat match is a non-title match.

Zicky ducks out of the ring at the start and leaves Cross and Starks in the ring to fight.  Zicky yanks Starks out and back and forth they go, with it ending by Dice driving Starks into the post.  Cross dives to the outside on Dice and Starks.  Now Cross tosses Dice back in, but Starks rolls up Cross and gets a near fall.  Zicky sneaks back in and tries to steal a victory, but no dice.  Cross and Starks seem to team up to lay into Zicky.  Now Starks sizes Cross up for The Stroke, but Cross drops down and hits a Cross cutter.  Now Matt Cross gets to the top and lands a shooting star press.  Zicky Dice shoves Matt Cross off of Starks and steals the victory.

Winner- Zicky Dice

May Valentine has one of her youtube-ish vignette where she talks about her life, Royce's life and their relationship.  This segment ends with her talking beauty tips and shows off her tips on her bff, Sal.

Joe Galli now calls out Aron Stevens to the podium.  Shooter Stevens talks to the fans about how good he is.  Joe goes on to point out how Aron has weezled his way out of his matches to keep retaining.  Joe asked Stevens if he wanted to be a fighting champion.  Out comes The Question Mark to a huge pop.  Stevens states The Question Mark has a match now.

The Question Mark v. Trevor Murdoch

Trevor comes out of the gates with some punches and clotheslines, but misses a splash.  The Question mark went for the Mongrovian Spike, missed and seemed to injury his hand.  Murdoch capitalized and landed a top rope bulldog for the win.

Winner-Trevor Murdoch

Stevens attacked Murdoch and beat him down.  Segment ends with Trevor left laying in the ring.

Sean Mooney is at the podium now and introduces the NWA's World Heavyweight Champion, Nick Aldis.  Mooney lays out the accomplishments of Aldis and asks Nick what is next with Marty Scurll.  Aldis cuts a great promo about how great he is, how good he looks and how he is the real world's champion.  "It's NICKle-down economics" says Aldis.  He goes on to call out Marty to come out and back out of the deal and admit that Nick is the better man.  

Here comes Marty Scurll with umbrella in hand.  Marty says he is not backing out of anything.  Scurll says he wants to do this thing right here and right now.  Marty rips off his jacket, shirt and jumps in the ring.  Nick, cool and calm, asks Marty if he is sure he wants to do this?  Royce walks through the curtain, followed by Thom and Nick takes off his jacket.  Here comes Brody King down the stairs and starts laying into Thom and Royce.  It is a chaos as Villian Enterprise and Strictly Business fight in the GBP studios.  End of segment. 

David Marquez welcomes Eddie Kingston to the podium.  Kingston is taping up his hands and says it is time for him to bust somebody up.  Eddie dares Pope to come out  here right now.  You can see the intensity in the eyes of Eddie Kingston.  Put comes Pope, taping his hands, with masking tape I might add.

Pope grabs the mic and says he does not stand to close to trash.  Pope cuts a promo reminding Eddie Kingston about who The Pope is.  Pope goes on to stay that he has done what he has done to put Eddie Kingston back on track.  Pope says that what Pope wants, Pope gets.  Now we see The Bouncers come out and stand behind Kingston.  Pope says that he has the money to do what he wants and then the Bouncers attack Kingston.  The Pope has bought the Bouncers.  Now the bouncers start beating down Eddie in the ring.  Eddie is making a valiant effort, but The Bouncers are too much for him.  The Bouncers land their finisher on Eddie and leave the GBP studios with The Pope.

Melina v. Thunder Rosa-  NWA Women's World Championship Match

Melina makes her way to the ring first to a chorus of boos.  Now comes the champion, Thunder Rosa.  The crowd is fully behind Thunder Rosa and you can feel the electricity in the air.  The two ladies meet in the middle of the ring and Melina is talking to Thunder Rosa, but Thunder Rosa just wants to fight.

Melina is waving a finger at her telling her no and sporting a smile.  Melina continues to talk to Thunder.  Melina tells Thunder Rosa she is being disrespectful.  Thunder Rosa pushes Melina and then Melina ducks out of the ring and heads up the GBP studio stairs and leaves the arena.  The crowd lets Melina have it and the crowd is not happy at all.  

Winner: Thunder Rosa by count out. 

Allysin Kay is standing at the top of the stairs and drives Melina back to the ring.  Now Kay drills Melina and throws her in the ring.  Kay demands Melina get up, but Kamille blindsides Kay with a spear.  Thunder Rosa just looks on and then enters the ring and has a star down with Kamille.   Show goes of the air with the crowd chanting "Thunder, Thunder!"

Until Next Week........

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