NXT Talent Trashes Crowds Who 'Hijack' Shows

It has been said a lot by fans and people against it and that is the subject of audience members 'hijacking' shows and starting irrelevant or nonsensical chants. Some people say that the people should just be allowed to do what they want with their hard-earned money while others do not like the fact that these fans try to make themselves the focal point rather than the performers themselves.

NXT star Patrick Clark went on Twitter to attack these kinds of crowds in his own 'interesting' manner and was pretty vocal on his criticism of them. He tied it into his gimmick a bit as well so as to not break kayfabe but it's pretty clear that these opinions are his own.

I don't usually include my own opinion in these posts but in my personal opinion, I also do not like these 'hijacking' crowds and I find the post-Wrestlemania audiences to be the most distracting and/or annoying crowds. I get it that they are there to have fun but if you are paying to see the show, you are paying to see the talent - not a crowd doing the wave.

  • Joseph James

    Well, Reigns shouldn’t be in the rumble match this year so maybe fans won’t crap all over it for the 3rd year in a row.

    • Simon Veitch

      And then he enters number 30 to make up numbers after failing to beat Kevin Owen’s again.

  • Simon Veitch

    His match against Onie Lorkin. The fans did indeed hijack this match, it was the only one that really got hijacked, a large part of that is that both men entered in a heel manner, neither really won the crowd over at all and gave us any reason to cheer and boo properly, they just struggle stupidly for 10min and failed to captivate any one.

    There was a match earlier in the night where Wesley Blake was booed immensely but throughout the match he actually won the crowd over and by the end they cheered him, he was professional and didn’t let the crowd get to him and it paid off. This is what Patrick needs to do.

  • Dave Barton

    On one hand, I feel like “They paid for their tickets, they can do what they want”….but if they bought a ticket and went to an opera or a live play and behaved that way, they’d get kicked out, don’t ya think?

    • Avalanchian

      Yeah but aren’t you told to stay quiet or you will be removed. What if WWE told fans they had to cheer Roman Reigns or get removed? lol

      • Dave Barton

        That would be pretty hilarious.

  • They hijack matches Patrick is in because his gimmick is trash. That gimmick has ZERO chance and hopefully, WWE will let it die sooner than later.

    • Simon Veitch

      That’s exactly it! Patrick came to the ring and flipped us off because we chanted “You look stupid”. Since he flipped us off we assumed he was heel, then Onie Lorcin comes to the ring all aggressive and angry looking and ignores the fans trying to slap hands with him, so he comes accross as heel. So now we have an angry guy and a stupid looking guy who both appear heel so the fans lose interest and start chanting stupid shit like “ECW” “Holy Shit” and “You’re hardcore” when Patrick Clark starts whipping Onie with his scarf. The fans didn’t care anymore because we weren’t made to care about either of them.

      • Brendan Wahl

        That may be but on TV, it comes across like a bunch of marks in the crowd trying to get themselves over and take away from the people that are there to perform.