Official PPV Promotional Poster For TNA Hardcore Justice

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The official pay-per-view promotional poster for TNA Hardcore Justice is embedded below:

  • Dave

    Looks so amateur

    • Rob UK

      I agree looks like they just mocked it up on a home computer. One thing TNA needs to ImProve to compete with WWE is its production value. Because we all know they have the talent – but booking and things like this let them down.

  • U liked the 2010 hardcore justice which was a eve reunuion

  • Wow my android screwed that comment up: I liked the 2010 hardcore justice whice was an exe reunion

  • Kevin

    Don't most PPV promo posters show at least ONE wrestler? I know the WWE does; in fact, they generally have a group photo in the poster, if not on the ENTIRE poster. Maybe TNA should take a lesson from the WWE and have a PROFESSIONAL make the posters, instead of Hulk's or Eric's grandkids. I didn't just say that. Tell me I didn't just say that. HELL YEAH I DID!