Option C - Intercontinental Championship Match


With Daniel Bryan’s health playing an issue again in his involvement with a title match, it seems we are left with a bit of mystery as to the fate of the Intercontinental Championship. WWE is left with a decision that won’t be made until the last minute. An announcement best saved for the kick-off show in my opinion. But what options does WWE have. Personally, I see three, with “Option C” being my ideal choice. Let’s break down these options, and see what could be the route to take if Daniel Bryan is out of Extreme Rules.

Option A - Cancel The Match

Probably the most straightforward decision to make. Champion can’t defend the belt, then don’t have the match. This would give the rest of the matches on the card more time, and could be used as a moment to let Bad News Barrett shine. Make it a small promo segment now, and he just rips apart Daniel Bryan. This builds their eventual match up to the next pay per view, and gets a lot of heat on Bad News Barrett. The match would still take place, just not on that night.

Option B - Strip Him

The second choice would be to strip Daniel Bryan of his title, and force him to work his way back to being champion. It would make sense logically, seeing as it happened before, and Daniel Bryan’s fighting spirit character would drive him to be more entertaining than he already is by doing so. If this is the route they take it could play out many ways. Bad News Barrett could be awarded the title by forfeit, thus stripping Daniel of his title unjustly, and adding some real fire and layers to the feud. Honestly though, do we want another terrible title reign before Daniel Bryan attempts to bring prestige back to the title again. Probably not. A championship tournament could be held. It would add some excitement to Raw and Smackdown, build credibility for the title, allow Daniel Bryan to get the title back, and build a solid list of contenders for the title. Again, with the same result being Daniel Bryan coming out as champion so he can properly defend the title and rebuild its legacy.

Option C - Replace Him

This is the choice WWE should go with. It serves all the purposes of the previous choices, and sets up a great feud between Daniel Bryan and Bad News Barrett. First off, we need to add both Sheamus and Dolph Ziggler to the match. Thus, we are left with six matches giving each match more time on the card. Also saves us from the dreaded Vince McMahon Fetish Match between Sheamus and Dolph Ziggler. Bad News Barrett can barely get away with a victory, building heat as the new champion. When Daniel Bryan is healthy, he can come back with the title too. Now both men have the belt, and both are claiming to be the real Intercontinental Champion. If you feel some nostalgia hit you don’t freak out. This is very reminiscent of the Shawn Michaels and Razor Ramon feud. Each with a rightful claim as champion. The rebirth of the Intercontinental Championship can officially start with a feud that parallels one of the greatest Intercontinental Championship confrontations in WWE history. Extend it out, and have Daniel Bryan overcome Bad News Barrett to officially start the new era for the Intercontinental Championship.

Again, these are all just options to consider if Daniel Bryan doesn't make it to Extreme Rules. Hopefully he does and we see a long successful reign under his belt, if not, which scenario would you personally love to see more. Cancel the match so that we don't have him lose the title, strip him of the title and award it back to Bad News Barrett, or replace him until he is well enough to return to the ring. Let me know what you think in the comments below, and as always, have a good day.


  • AMDunn21

    Even as a fan of Bad News Barrett I like option B with a tournament to crown a new champion, no one should ever be handed championship and a tournament could help showcase some of the under utilised mid card talent on the roster

  • Jonnydingo

    C is the best option in theory IMO. However, I think they will go with option A unless they have a timetable for his return. If he is going to be out indefinitely then B or C should play out.

    • jdl

      It’s looking like he was hurt at a house show while in Ireland, and the prognosis was that he’d be out for 4-5 weeks. So Option A is a definite possibility.

  • 1molly23

    Why would WWE give the title back to Barrett – he’s as prone to injury (to himself and his fellow superstars) as anyone is.

  • ryan123

    I love option C but it depends on how hurt Bryan is

  • David

    Option D – the show starts, there’s sone commotion backstage, they go there, they find DB laid flat out after taking a beating, but who did it? Bnb comes out for his match but as expected DB doesn’t show up. Everyone thinks it’s bnb generating more heat for him, but opens up a mystery waiting to be solved. It buys DB some time and if he will be out for a while, it sets up a great feud for his return!!

  • Pedro Moreno Pacheco

    im tired of the “underdog that the powers that be hate” storylines. so if bryan is striped then so be it and no more crying because they hate him. have bryan return focused to get the tittle instead.
    i would add another option. BNB gloats about how weak is bryan and no one can beat him. then neville comes out and boom he beats him and becomes the new IC champ to get a good push. then sheamus can go after him latter because he doesnt deserve to be a champion for his size.

  • Matt Redovian

    I am just glad he was not inserted into the WWE Championship match at Wrestlemania and win. It would have been like last year all over again. Triple H was correct, Daniel Bryan is a B+ player.