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Alan Xtreme Opens Up About Altercation With Alberto Del Rio

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Alberto Del Rio

Lucha wrestler Alan Xtreme (Rafy of Ninja Turtles) spoke to Más Lucha TV about his backstage altercation with Alberto Del Rio last weekend at Arena Naucalpan in Mexico. Below is an excerpt from the comments translated from their original format:

"I was walking down the stairs, I crashed with Paige and I let her pass and said, pasale hermosa (you go ahead, beautiful)," Rafy said. "I didn't touch her, but Alberto said to me that calling her beautiful was disrespectful.”

According to Xtreme, Del Rio retaliated to him calling Paige beautiful by ripping off his mask. A physical altercation ensued but afterwards they allegedly made up and the two remain friends. Xtreme got some bruises from the altercation but both he and Del Rio apologized over the incident.

Video of Del Rio at the show shortly before the altercation is available embedded in the player above.

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