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Batista Slams WWE PG; Says He Didn't Believe In What He Was Doing, Reveals He Was So Programmed For Life On The Road He Hit His Ex-Wife

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I had a chance to read through Batista's feature article in the November 2012 issue of Muscle & Fitness. The feature is packed with newsworthy bits but below are some of the quotes from Batista that I found of particular interest:

"Vince [McMahon, chairman of WWE] wanted to make it more of a PG-rated show… and nothing reads PG about me."

"They wanted to sell the all-American poster boy, and that's not me"

"They weren't offering me any more movie roles or commercials. I always believed that professional wrestling needed a certain violence - an edge- and they took that away. So, I didn't believe in what I was doing anymore."

Note from Richard: I found the movie comment interesting because remember Batista was originally cast for a starring role in a WWE Studios film but ended up being replaced by Triple H.

There were also some quick hits which I will recap in their entirety:

Life in the road as a wrestler…

"It was hard, but I got used to it. I actually freaked out one night when I was home. My wife at the time started moving in bed and I hit her because I thought I was in a hotel somewhere and somebody had jumped into bed with me. That's how programmed I got to being on the road. She started crying and I started crying. I felt really bad about it.

Telling Vince McMahon he was leaving the WWE…

"I said I might like to come back. He gave me his blessing. He wasn't happy that I was going, but he left the door open for me to return, and wished me luck."

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