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Chris Dickinson Destroys Kimber Lee In Horrifying Sequence

There is a horrifying video that’s gone viral from Beyond Wrestling’s “King of Arts” show in Providence, Rhode Island this past Sunday. The footage features independent wrestler Chris Dickinson hitting his opponent — female independent worker Kimber Lee — over the head with an unprotected chair shot and following with a dangerous version of the Razor’s Edge.

You can watch the disturbing footage at this link or embedded in the video below. Please be advised the footage is extremely graphic.

The spot has come under intense criticism from prominent names on the independent wrestling scene. The focal point of that criticism has to do with Dickinson violating the core rule in pro wrestling to protect one’s opponent.

As for the condition of Kimber Lee, this is from Twitter:

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The promotion is embracing the controversy and is using it to promote their next show on April 26, 2015 featuring The Young Bucks. They Tweeted this on Tuesday morning: Click here to load Tweet (if not loaded)

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