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Chris Jericho On His Match At Dominion, Continuing To Work In New Japan Pro Wrestling


Chris Jericho was a recent guest on Sean Waltman’s (X-PAC) podcast and he discussed the match he had with Tetsuya Naito at Dominion:

“We went to the Dojo the day before and I had some ideas…but once again I was thinking more along the lines of what’s the story I want to tell? And here’s what I always go with, if I ever do a promo or match. What’s the vibe of this promo? What’s the vibe of this match? What’s the mood that I wanna set? Once I circled in on that then the rest just came together very quickly. I wanted something that’s a little uncomfortable, a little bit stiff. Cause Naito’s style is tranquilo as his catchphrase, very laid back…I wanted a different Naito, I wanted a Naito that did give a shit and wanted to fight…That whole start of the match was his {Gedo} idea; attack him before the bell, attack him before he takes his suit off, put him through a table.Like I didn’t think of it that way… It sets the tone of being this super intense brawl.”

Jericho then continued in the podcast and talked about potentially working more for New Japan:

“There are a lot more tales to tell with Chris Jericho in New Japan. I’m almost doing a Brock Lesnar type of schedule to where I am not there for every show but the ones that I am there for are now special cause Jericho is there. I didn’t expect to be doing more matches with New Japan as of January of this year and now that I’ve done another one and there’s a couple more in the pipeline I might decide to stay a little longer.”

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