Chris Jericho Was Turned Down For A Part In The GLOW Series


On a recent Talk is JerichoChris Jericho interviewed Kimmy Gatewood, Rebekkah Johnson and Chavo Guerrero from the GLOW series. In the midst of the discussion, Jericho mentioned that he had auditioned for the role of "Steel Horse," which ultimately ended up going to Alex Riley:

"I actually set up my little phone in the dressing room in Edmonton [Canada] after a show in a room by myself and I auditioned… Steel Horse, for Steel Horse, and I didn't get it. And not only I didn't get it, but Alex Riley got it. He's about a one on the scale of [pro] wrestling notoriety!"

Guerrero noted that Riley got the part because he was completely in-character for the whole audition and really blew everyone away. He added that The Miz auditioned as well and they were impressed by both he and Jericho but Riley was the home run.

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