As many of you know by this point, there is a new company starting up called All Elite Wrestling and it has already been racking up TV offers and plenty of talent as well.

In a statement on Twitter, Cody Rhodes confirmed his involvement with the company and said he will act as Executive Vice President, a position which he will share with the Young Bucks and a number of other high-profile stars.

Cody made the following statement:

I feel so damn lucky. I believe that more than talent... more than chance... work ethic will guide me where I'd like to go.

To be Executive Vice President for our new venture, and to be flanked by Matt and Nick and a few familiar names sharing that position: this is my dream job.

I can't think of a time when so many of wrestling's top free agents all opted out of the road usually traveled and instead wanting to start something new. I am excited to see AEW into existence.

What's old isn't new - what's new is new. Perception isn't reality - reality is reality. Fans first.

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