Dave Taylor On The Flaws Of WWE Developmental, Training His Students, British Wrestling


Our own Eltimir Alexandrov interviewed Dave Taylor recently on behalf of WrestlingNewsWorld.com. Below are the highlights followed by complete audio of the interview:

ON 70S WRESTLING VS. TODAY'S WRESTLING: There were lots of shows around. All the guys that I wrestled, you just learn by wrestling them. They didn't show you moves, you just learned by wrestling these guys. Nobody knows anything [today]. They all watch American wrestling and want to jump off the top rope, which is good for them, but they don't tell a story. They don't kniow holds, they don't wanna learn holds, they just want to jump off the top rope or dive out of the ring, or do some spectacular, that's good. Good. But what do you do in-between them? You just keep doing more spectacular, more spectacular, and the people that watch eventually stop and go, "Well this is good, but where's the wrestling?"

ON WRESTLING IN JAPAN: They're paying to go to Japan now. Guys are paying their own tickets to go to Japan and wrestle for free and come back and say, "Well I've been to Japan"... So what? I went to Japan in 1976 the first time. I got $10,000 a week. In 1976 that was a lot of money. Now they're going for nothing. Idiots... If you were in Japan, you could work, you could do the job. Now if you go to Japan, it just means you've got a couple of thousand dollars to spend.

ON WRESTLING THE NASTY BOYS: Me and Drew McIntyre, we wrestled them. They had just made a comeback... They came out to the ring in Tampa, they're from Tampa, and the heat they got was unbelievable. We stood in the ring, they came up the wrong steps to start with, we're standing kind of going "Other side..." and it was supposed to be, like, a 5-minute match. One minute to just mess around, a minute of "kill 'em", they do a comeback, they go over, it's fine. They didn't do what they were doing. It was all over the place.

ON WWE DEVELOPMENTAL: It's hard work for the guys. Everybody wants to get there, everybody wants to go, cause you get paid to go, but it's hard. You know it's hard work working out at the gym. Well they are doing it every day, five hours, six hours a day. Every day. It's hard work for them. It's hard, but it's a great opportunity for them. You know, who gets paid to train? Nobody. You pay to train, but they get paid. I mean, I saw Martin Stone last week, he was lifting weights in the weight gym, and I said, "You realize you're getting paid to do that?"

ON THE FLAWS OF WWE DEVELOPMENTAL: They need to do more house shows, they need to wrestle at shows. But they can't wrestle at WWE shows, because they've already got the stars, they're going to come up there. They used to put one match on, like at an overseas trip, of learning guys. But then it ticks the people who paid their ticket to watch the stars... They need to do more house shows, which I think they're gonna try and do, because NXT is on TV now, ain't it, and it's been on TV for a while.

ON WHERE HE SEES BRITISH WRESTLING IN 5 YEARS: There may not be any. It's bad. There's some good guys, but there's a lot of [bad] ones. And it's the same story. I understand they want to wrestle American style, but Britain was always the place where Americans came and learned wrestling. Or Germany. You know whom we saw wrestling in Germany? Like, Scott Hall, Papa Shango, all these guys came over there for a couple of years to learn the trade, 'cause that's what it used to be, and they used to come here all the time... There are five or six Americans that come over for every show. Sabu, they've got Masters, a couple of months ago they had the Steiners, and I know the Steiners want a lot of money... They're trying to make the Americans the focus of the show, you see, which to me, if it's gonna be local, you use your local boys.

ON THE STYLE HE TEACHES HIS STUDENTS: I train them British style. And if they use it when they're wrestling, that's fine. Most of them don't, but some do, like Claudio. Claudio's different because he's such a strong man, he's a powerhouse. And you can tell if someone can do it straight away. Everything he does, he does good. In wrestling, you've got to know everything. People say, "Well I'll never use this". I understand that. And the coaches all understand that, but you have to know it. You see, TV is 4-5 minutes of a match. When you're on the road, you're doing 20-minute matches, so you can't do all that high-spot match for 20 minutes. You have to know to wrestle. That's where I come in... You can't go in there and do a spotfest. You know, like TNA. I can't watch it, I just cannot watch it. There's no story to anything.

ON WORKING AS AN AGENT FOR TNA: They all think they know more than anybody else. They all think they're super, they all think everybody is wrong, but they're right. You've got to take a bit of anyone who trains you, a little bit of something. Don't do everything that one guy says, because he's not right about everything.

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