Edge's First Post-WWE Appearance With Resistance Pro Canceled


- Resistance Pro sent out the following today:

UPDATE: RESISTANCE Pro received an email from Edge just now regarding his upcoming appearance on May 11th at A SMALL DEADLY SPACE. Due to a change in his filming schedule on SyFy's hit show "Haven", he will NOT be able to be in attendance on May 11th at Teamster Auditorium. He was scheduled to appear at the event and sign autographs with ALL of the proceeds going to two local charities. He apologized for the inconvenience, but promises to appear at another RESISTANCE Pro event in the VERY near future.

If you are a fan who purchased a ticket to A SMALL DEADLY SPACE in the last 48 hours based on Edge's appearance, RESISTANCE Pro is offering a refund on your ticket purchase should you elect to do so. Refunds will be issued the day of the show at Teamster Auditorium. RESISTANCE Pro would like to thank Edge for his commitment to the charities he was helping support and we look forward to working with him in the VERY near future.

The other special guests at A SMALL DEADLY SPACE, WWE/WCW legend "The Man They Call" VADER and ECW/WWE/TNA starlet SHELLY "Ariel/Salinas" MARTINEZ are 100% CONFIRMED and WILL BE IN ATTENDANCE on May 11th at Teamster Auditorium. More details regarding the show will be coming this week. Stay tuned and thank you for your understanding!

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