ESPN's Robert Flores Talks To John Cena About Turning Heel


- Mister Saint Laurent reporting:

ESPN SportsCenter anchor Robert Flores joined Konnan and Mister Saint Laurent this week on MLW Radio presented by Flores spoke about a conversation he had with John Cena about a potential heel turn.

"I've talked to John Cena about this and he doesn't really want to because he does so much charity work and I think he thinks it would affect that and maybe it would, but I would just love to see him turn heel. I see guys like Miz and David Otunga, guys that are 'heels,' still continue to be involved with the company's charity initiatives, so obviously Cena is on a different level when compared to those guys, but just being selfish as a fan, I think it would be fascinating TV to see him just turn heel and see the reaction it would get."

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