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Evolve 105 Results And On-Site Report

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Thomas Fenton Reports Live From Evolve105

Evolve 105 was live in from of a standing room only packed hall in Livonia Michigan on Sunday May 20th, below are the results of the show and my takeaways from being live from the event at the bottom. The first few matches have quick results.

Opening match

The End (Drennen and Parrow) vs. N8 Mattson & Orlando Christopher

Match ends via DQ when Drennen grabs his club and attacked N8 was in jeopardy of losing. Fun opener, the crowd was hot for the match as the show started a little late. N8 Mattson the 20 year local pro got a great pop.

Tracy Williams Defeats Odinson
Finish saw Williams hit a variation of the f5 into a crossface for the submission

AR Fox vs, Myron Reed

This was all action from start to finish with tons of counters, and reversals.
Fox hit the Fox catcher at near 13 minutes for the win.

Elimination Rumble style match with a new man entering every minute so Josh Briggs come out to a huge pop and was booked like a star

J. Spade vs. Johny Flex vs. Snoop Strikes vs. Buku Dao vs. AC Mack vs. Garrini vs. Matt Delray vs. Briggs

Briggs eliminates 3 men before hitting the chokebreaker on Garrini for the win.

Zachary Wentz defeats DJZ

This match started off slow and boy did it pick up in a hurry. Tons of fast paced action and counters, finish saw DJZ hit a Super Rana is just under 10 minutes

Shane Strickland comes out next, cuts a heel promo on how WWN did not value him years ago and he went out and made a bigger name for himself else where. Promises to break Allin's arm just like he did to Matt Riddle.

Shane Strickland vs. Darby Allin

This match had the crowds undivided attention, and a match it was. The story here is that Strickland was trying to make good on his promise that he would break Allin's arm, and well Strickland kept his promise. Strickland wins via ref stoppage after knee strikes to the arm, drop arm breaker, and then finally a key lock submission when the referee called for the bell. The emotion is this match was great, both me told a story.

At this point the crowd while i'm not saying they weren't from the start, is fully emotionally invested in this show

Non Title Match Champion Austin Theory vs. Trey Miguel
For those who have not seen Theory you may want to start following him early in his career and watch the progression because if he continues in the direction he is going the kid is going to be main eventing some of the biggest shows in the world years from now. 3 months shy of his 21st birthday Theory is only getting better in the ring and has the look of a star to match.
Finish saw Miguel hit a 619 and then a top rope meteora , Theory then posts him and hits a buckle bomb and the last shot, Miguel kicks out then counters attacksia but gets posted again Theroy with the Attacksia for the finish.

Tag Team Title Match: Jaka and Chris Dickinson (champions) vs. Anythony Henry and James Drake

Champions go over here after around 20 minutes of great tag team wrestling. Tag Team wrestling is such as lost art in professional wrestling nowadays, with he exception of a handful of teams so anytime I can see a well worked tag team match wrestled as such it's always pleasant. Tons of tag team maneuvers in this one as well as perfectly timed cutting off the ring and cutting off the hot tag, very enjoyable.

The Main Event

The King of Bros Matt Riddle vs. Keith Lee: The Final Chapter

In Keith Lee's final appearance before heading to NXT, this one did not disappoint. Matt was selling the arm injury from Strickland the night before the start the match up, and this match was as hard hitting as any match I have seen live in the States in many years. These 2 went to war, Riddle at one point kicked out of the spirit bomb on a 1 count, Lee hit Riddle with his own Bro to Sleep, finish saw Riddle hit a running knee which Lee kicked out of at 2, Riddle hit a second knee 1,2,3 for the victory. Match went nearly 20 and was excellent from start to finish.
After the match they continued to build Strickland vs Riddle, Strickland says no fight till he gets his title shot. Riddle then talked about Lee and put him over on the mic, Lee takes the mic fans chant "NXT", "Thank You Lee", and "You Deserve it". Lee says it's harder to leave than he thought, he thanks all the fans for filling the buildings and tells them to continue to do so.

Thomas's Take: This was the second Evolve show I had the opportunity to cover live, and the first I arrived late and missed too much of the show. This show was great, and for any fan if Evolve comes to within traveling distance of you I highly recommend you go check it. There is so much talent on these shows but my biggest take anyway from this show was the story telling and the ability these guys have in front of a not so familiar crowd to apply the craft and tell the story's they are taught in the ring. Credit does not just go out to the workers, but Gabe Sapolsky as will for showing the importance of the build and not just the high spots. The venue was packed and here is hoping next time Evolve comes to the Detroit area that a bigger venue is booked as this show could have drawn another 200-500 no problem however there simply was not the room. (Yes Gabe I am personally offering my help in getting you a larger venue next time in the area) In conclusion, these guys worked so hard and the effort they put into this was not over shadowed, it is definitely worth giving a watch on the WWN stream if you have a chance.

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