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FloSlam Lawsuit Prevents Evolve 92 From Airing On Network

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Bad news for subscribers of FloSlam Sports as the streaming service is suing the parent company WWN for a million dollars. Allegedly, WWN provided false information when signing on to allow Flo to be their exclusive provider. The suit alleges specifically that WWN lied about their online viewership and revenue in the hopes of squeezing hundreds of thousands of dollars out of Flo.

When WWN was asked to provide their viewership numbers so that Flo could set their budget and subscriber forecasts, WWN first said they lost the spreadsheet and then provided one with duplicate entries and data for DVD sales in addition to streaming purchases. "Cooking the books" as it's called is quite a nasty business move but Flo’s decision to move forward at the time and enter the deal anyway is also strange. WWN's attorney had this to say:

“While we prefer not to litigate cases in the media, it is clear that FloSports is attempting to use the press to create leverage in this dispute by spreading false, defamatory and misleading statements about WWN. In reality, FloSports has wholly failed to honor its contractual obligation to promote WWN’s events, and has been unable to successfully integrate WWN into its mismanaged and failing subscription streaming platform. At no time has WWN provided incorrect, false or misleading information and this lawsuit is nothing more than a transparent effort by FloSports to avoid its responsibility to WWN, its talent and its fans. We are confident that the litigation will result favorably to WWN.”

Because of this litigation, Evolve 92 was not broadcast on FloSports. EVOLVE booker Gabe Sapolsky simply tweeted his apologies but added that ultimately it was up to Flo and not him or WWN. They instead broadcast the event on their own website.

EVOLVE is not the only promotion under the WWN banner that will be affected by this lawsuit. Shimmer is another company that could suffer because of this fiasco.

What could happen from here? Gabe has close ties to Triple H and the WWE so it wouldn't be a big stretch to see the company show up on the WWE Network at some point in the future. Recent surveys gauging fan interest in seeing independent promotions on the network have been popping up quite a bit in the last year or so.

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