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Frankie Kazarian On WWE Stars, Taking Less Risks & Possible Retirement

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Frankie Kazarian recently spoke to CLICKON about a variety of subjects, one of which was the idea of taking less risks in the ring as he gets older:

“In the past I did risks for the sake of doing it. Everything I do now means a lot more than it did 10 years ago. Maybe subconsciously a lot of it goes into pulling back [thinking of his family]. It’s about longevity and it’s a very overlooked attribute in wrestling these days.”

On winning a world title:

“I’m not complacent, Every company I’ve been in I’ve wanted to be the world champion.

Him [Christopher Daniels] winning that title felt like I was right alongside him winning it with him, and I was so very happy for him. But no matter where I’m at, I want to be a champion. It may not be my immediate goal, but that’s what I’ve got my eye on.”

On WWE stars he'd like to face:

“There’s guys out there that are still active that I’d love to wrestle. I’d love to get in there with Chris Jericho, or a guy like Dolph Ziggler, and before we’re both done me and AJ would like to do it together again. If it never happens I won’t snap my fingers and shake my head, so if it’s gonna happen it’s gonna happen.”

Possible early retirement:

“Astonishingly enough I see no signs of slowing down, which is crazy because I always told myself that when I’d be turning 40 I’d be looking for a way out. I didn’t think I’d be feeling this good, and I didn’t think I’d still be having this much fun but I am.”

Credit: WrestleZone for the transcribed audio.


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