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Gail Kim Comments On Her Retirement And Role In Women's Revolution

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Gail Kim

Gail Kim was recently interviewed by Brian Fritz of Sporting News and had the following to say about her upcoming retirement at the end of the year:

It probably is the right time but if I wasn’t injured, I think that I probably would have went longer. I think all wrestlers, you never really want it to end. I’m going to be completely honest. It’s funny because I missed it while I was injured but when you away for so long and then you do that one little thing in front of the fans, that was at my last TV, I was like I’m going to miss it more than I thought. You hit that realization that I announced it, it’s going to be real and I’m committed. Everyone goes through that. It’s going to be a difficult day to let go. I’m fortunate that I get to stay in the business and I’m glad I get to do that.

On her role in the women's revolution:

Honestly, recognition is nice obviously, but just being part of that change was a very magical time in my life. It was such a great satisfaction just having that women’s division become a success overnight and something that you fight for for so long. But most importantly, to have it from your peers. I feel like my peers know that and that was always the most important for me. Of course, you want the fans to recognize all of that. And when I meet fans one-on-one, they always talk about how they loved the feud with Awesome Kong and I. I still hear that to this day so that in itself is great for me.

Credit: Wrestlezone for the transcribed audio.


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