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Goldberg Not A Fan Of Triple H Or Shawn Michaels, Still Communicates With Lesnar, Not Ruling Out In-Ring Return

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Bill Goldberg took questions from followers Tuesday on Twitter. Below are the highlights:

Do you think you and Triple H will ever make peace?

We're from two different planets.

What's the biggest positive you can take away from your year-long WWE run, if anything?

The fans

Are you friends with Shawn Michaels?


With others "cutting it" in their 40's do you think it's wise to step back into the ring?

Tough call I'm struggling with

How does it feel when fans chant your name after so many years?

Unbelievably honored.

Do you like Triple H?

Funniest question all day.

What do you think about Randy Orton?

I always liked him

Do you like Brock Lesnar?

One of the few I still communicate with. Awesome dude.

Do you like Batista?

I wish him the best

Is there any possibility of seeing you in a wrestling ring again?


Do you like John Cena?

Seems like a great kid.

Who do you like more - CM Punk or Mick Foley?

Foley hands down

You can follow Goldberg on Twitter @Goldberg.

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