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Impact Wrestling VP Don Callis Thinks Days of the 'Cool Heel' Are Over

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Don Callis

It is important in today's day and age to not only have a nifty moveset but to also establish some very strong babyface and heel allegiances. There are so many wrestlers that blur the lines between the two on the indie scene that can make it very difficult to book a proper match.

Impact Wrestling Vice President Don Callis talked about the strenuous work that goes into booking the company and how the days of the 'cool heel' should be a thing of the past:

"The cool heel is something that should probably be extinct. It is never good if you are a young wrestler, and there's a bizzillion of them out there. Please don't be a cool heel. Cool heels are infuriating, because the babyface already has a hard job to do. In one way, being a babyface is easy, because you just have to listen, in other [ways] it's hard because, with the exception of a select few people who are very comfortable doing that babyface thing, it is a hard thing to do. So, don't make the babyface's job harder by being the cool guy in the match, and now he's just the goofy babyface."

Callis also noted that the 'cool heel' usually cuts terrible promos to only put themselves over when they should be putting the babyface over, which is the entire point of the feud.

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