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Indie Feud Over Trump Gimmick Infringement Continues

Sam Adonis

There has been a little back-and-forth as of late between indie workers Sam Adonis and Brian Cage. After Adonis made some headlines with his gimmick in Mexico where he waves the American flag with Donald Trump's face on it, Brian Cage took offense because he had apparently been doing that gimmick first and Adonis was the one who received all the press about it. Cage was more upset that Adonis had not mentioned Cage at all and took full credit for the gimmick idea.

Adonis has responded in an interview with Sports Illustrated and stated the following:

“I had no intention of taking anybody’s stuff. I never intended it to be that way. I don’t watch [today ’s] wrestling. I’ve watched it my whole life and I’m very into the past, so, to me, this was easy—a foreign villain. That’s just wrestling. I never saw someone else doing it and thought, ‘That’s what I want to do!’ If anything, I’ve ripped off Rick Rude. I have airbrushed tights with all kinds of stuff, and I got Donald Trump airbrushed on my tights. I didn’t think anything of it, I didn’t hear anything about it. Nobody said the name Brian Cage, and he had nothing to do with it.”


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