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Jeff Jarrett Says He's Listening To Pro Wrestling Fans On A Daily Basis & #ItsComing

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Jeff Jarrett released the next #ItsComing video on social media on Monday afternoon. The piece features comments from both Jeff and Karen Jarrett discussing his departure from TNA Wrestling.

Karen opened the video by saying that she thought it was shocking to the wrestling world that Jeff walked away from a company he started. They showed a series of headlines (including a story by yours truly) and Jeff came on and said on June 19, 2002 that he and his father founded TNA. He said it was a great ride but fast-forward to 2014 and it was time to move on, time for a change in his life. Jeff said he couldn't be more excited about his future.

Karen said there wasn't fear about him leaving TNA and Jeff said it wasn't the toughest decision he's made. Karen said there comes a point in life that if you're not happy personally or professionally, you have to make a change and it was time for Jeff to make a change. Jeff wouldn't classify it as a tough decision because he knew where he wanted to go. Karen talked about Jeff's passion and that wrestling is who he is. Jeff talked about seasons of change and said the time for change is now. If he had to name the top two or three things to take away from the last 12 years it's that a wrestling promotion is nothing without their fan base. Karen said feedback has been very positive.

Jeff said Toby Keith told him when he started TNA to know his fan base and earn them one at a time. He said that is a lesson that goes in the promotion business at the very top and you have to know your fan base. Jeff urged patience and talked his passion and persistence. He said he can't wait to discuss it but wouldn't make statements such as "shocking" or "change the face of the business." He said that's not who he is or what he's about but he does believe the vision that he has is going to be catered directly to the pro wrestling fan. Jeff said the wrestling fan in 2014 knows what they like and more importantly, what they don't like and he's doing his best to listen to the wrestling fan on a daily basis. He said the countdown is absolutely on and #ItsComing.

You can watch the video in its entirety below:

What's next? @RealJeffJarrett and @KarenJarrett both speak about the future! #ItsComing from Kevin Sullivan on Vimeo.

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