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Jeff Jarrett Situation Grows More Tense As Other Family Members Lash Out

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Jeff Jarrett

The situation with Jeff Jarrett as of late has been a bit crazy with Jeff supposedly showing up intoxicated to an indy show and then the sudden announcement that Impact Wrestling had cut off all ties with Jarrett effectively ending any partnership they had.

The next bit of news we heard was that Jeff checked himself in to WWE-sponsored rehab at the behest of his wife, Karen Jarrett.

Jeff's daughter, Joslyn, posted the following on Instagram indicating there was a bit of a strained relationship between them but that she is happy to see her father seek help with his alcoholism:

Additionally, this Twitter user posted the following tweet:

In response to that, Joslyn simply responded with this, encouraging others to retweet it:

This drew ire from one of Karen's daughters born during her previous marriage to Kurt Angle - Kyra:

The whole situation seems to be pretty messy right now but hopefully Jarrett can get the help he needs from rehab and get his life back together.

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