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Jeff & Karen Jarrett To Reveal New Project Monday, April 7, 2014

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Jeff and Karen Jarrett released a new teaser video on Monday.

The video opens with Jarrett questioning what he's been working on the last two months and he said a real close friend of his out of Los Angeles told them to have patience. He admitted it probably wasn't their strong suit. Jarrett said the friend told them what they've done in 8 weeks usually takes people 8 months or longer.

Karen said anyone that knows Jeff knows he's wrestling, it's his blood. They're humbled at the excitement, news and positive speculation. Jeff said their entire family is excited about it and they thrive off it.

Jeff said their first major announcement is going to be Monday, April 7, 2014.

Karen said finally a day when they're able to scream and yell and tell the entire world what they've been working on.

Jeff admitted they've been traveling the world, searching for the very best wrestling talent out there.

You can watch the latest embedded in the video below:

APRIL 7, 2014 - JOIN THE MOVEMENT from Kevin Sullivan on Vimeo.

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