Konnan Discusses Beef With Kurt Angle & Angle's Unusual Conduct Towards Him


Mister Saint Laurent reporting:


This week on MLW Radio, available right now on www.MLW.com, Konnan spoke with co-host Mister Saint Laurent as well as Court Bauer about a recent locker room incident with Kurt Angle while Kurt was wrestling for AAA at TripleMania. The incident was the result of an earlier MLW Radio podcast in the spring where Konnan had revealed that while he was in TNA, Kurt Angle had confided in him that Vince McMahon had tried to lure Kurt back to WWE by regularly sending him flowers. Kurt responded via Twitter vehemently denying the allegations. Fast forward to TripleMania in August, per Konnan:

"Remember when we were talking about Kurt Angle? I was like, hey, cool dude. I even marked out when I heard he was coming to TNA, but give me a break about the flowers thing. People sending him tweets telling him 'Konnan said you got flowers from Vince' and he said I was delusional."

"Well he showed up in Mexico for a show, for Triplemania, about a month and a half ago and we hadn't talked since [the flower controversy]. He came in and literally for like the first three hours he wouldn't even speak a word to me. He wouldn't even look at me when I was going over the match. Obviously I'm going to have to tell the guy that he did say [Vince sent him flowers]. Maybe he doesn't remember it, but we have to squash it because I can't work like this."

"And then I don't know what happened, but he just totally chilled out. Without me talking to him, all of a sudden he's very serious, wouldn't talk or look at me and then the next minute he was alright and like hugging me."

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