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Kurt Angle To Wrestle Final Indy Match Against Cody


Kurt Angle and Cody Rhodes were recently part of a joint interview with Sports Illustrated where they both talked about their upcoming match on March 3rd, which will take place inside of a Steel Cage as part of an upcoming Northeast Wrestling show. This will serve as Kurt's final indy match before he heads to the Hall of Fame on Wrestlemania weekend and then a rumoured in-ring run for the WWE.

Cody had the following to say:

“Sometimes, when you work with the younger stars, and this isn’t a knock on anybody, it feels like you’re dancing,” noted Rhodes. “When you get into a match with Kurt Angle, and it doesn’t matter how old he is because he’s just as good as he ever was, and perhaps even better on some nights. Kurt is a wrestler’s wrestler. He hits hard, he ties you up tight in ways that are uncomfortable and in ways that, if he wanted to, it could be over right then and there.

“That’s the kind of wrestling I learned when my dad was training me during the time I first broke into the business. My dad had some of the guys roughhouse me at his school when I was in the ring as a teenager, and working with Kurt reminds me a lot of that. He’s an Olympic gold medalist. A lot of people always wonder the degree of reality involved in pro wrestling. There is a pretty high degree of reality with Kurt Angle, and you’ve got to keep up.”

Kurt was quick to return the favour with lots of praise for his opponent.

“Cody can do it all,” said Angle. “I always had my eye on him. I just can’t believe what he can do at his size. He’s deceivingly big—the kid has got to be 6’2”, probably 230 pounds, and he can wrestle like a heavyweight and move around like a cruiserweight. Seeing him do the springboard jump off the ropes, and moonsault off the cage, he is just so diverse as a talent. I always wanted to work with him, and I wanted to have at least one match with him. He was one of the top five guys in WWE that I had my eyes on to work with, and we were able to set this up as a best-of-three, and I’m very fortunate to be able to work with him.”


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