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Matt Hardy Says He's In A Good Place Right Now; Puts Over WWE Wellness Policy

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Phil Strum of the Poughkeepsie Journal has a new article online featuring quotes from Matt Hardy to promote Wrestlefest 16 at the Mid-Hudson Civic Center tomorrow night in Poughkeepsie, New York. Below is an excerpt:

“I’m at a really good place in life right now,” Hardy said. “The things I went through in life were life-changing and changed the way I think. I want to appreciate every day in life.”

“There is a huge positive side to what WWE does with the Wellness Policy,” Hardy said. “The only thing I can really be critical of WWE about, looking at it right now, is that they have to remember that the people who work there aren’t machines. Wrestling isn’t easy. It’s like a car crash. I wish they would give guys a few weeks off. I think guys need to take mandatory time off. I know it’s tough when they need to promote the key names, but they need to keep guys healthy. It would help them not to burn out and from tempting them to make mistakes.”

Click here to read the article in its entirety.

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