Micro Championship Wrestling Show Leaves One Fan Disappointed


Wrestling News World reader Jake went to a Micro Championship Wrestling show last night in Minnesota and it wasn't a good experience. Below is a report Jake sent us:

I went to a Micro Championship Wrestling show in Mounds View, Minnesota last night. I was really disappointed with the way the show was run.

They advertised it starting at 7pm, and at 7:50 the promoter finally got on the mic and said the show would begin in 10 minutes, even though the room was at capacity with several hundred people. At about 8:20 he finally came to the ring and spent the next 15 minutes talking about nothing in particular other than they were loosely affiliated with Hulk Hogan. He brought out his champion, who spent another 10 minutes introducing the other wrestlers (6 total). "We want wrestling!" chants were already breaking out at this point.

The action finally got underway close to 9pm. They had 2 matches, and then took an intermission that lasted at least 45 minutes. A decent part of the crowd was getting bored and tired at this point, and many simply left before the intermission ended.

After the really long delay they had two more quick matches, the main event being a tag between everyone we had just seen. The whole thing was over by 10:30. The limited action
was entertaining and good, but the delays and pointless chatter on the mics made me never want to see these guys again, especially considering the $30 tickets.

Side note: Pat Tanaka of Orient Express was there as the referee and announced as their head trainer.

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