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More Details On Damien Darling Allegedly Assaulting Tammy Sytch, Depressing Photo Of The Original WWE Diva

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Tammy "Sunny" Sytch, dressed in sweats, slippers and handcuffed was arraigned Monday morning in New Haven, Connecticut after being arrested for violating a court order over the weekend. This is her sixth arrest since September 2012. The judge remanded she be held in lieu of a $100,000 cash bound.

Sytch's attorney, Rob Serafinowicz, alleged Damien Darling (real name Damien Selvaggio), the subject of the protective order who Sytch referred to as her fiancé, "lured" her back to his home where she wasn't permitted. Sytch told the judge she drank the morning after allegedly being assaulted.

Following her arrest, Sytch filed a criminal complaint that she had been assaulted. Police made the court aware and are investigating. While in custody, Sytch told police she was having trouble breathing and was sent to the hospital for medical treatment.

Serafinowicz says Darling picked Sytch up because she does not have a car in Connecticut and requested she move back in with him so they could begin their life together. An engagement ring was presented as well as a key to house, where she said she's been living for two weeks.

Darling went to the Police Department to report Sytch was inside his house and wasn't allowed there due to a court order. Sytch's attorney said he did this as a "play" to "remove any criminal liability."

A judge told Sytch it's up to the court to allow her back in his hous and even if she had been invited back, she was not allowed until the court order was lifted.

For more, including a very depressing photo of the original WWE Diva, click here.

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