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New Video Interviews With Tony Atlas, Johnny Rodz & Mae Young

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- Arda Ocal sent in the following interviews he conducted with Tony Atlas, Johnny Rodz and Mae Young:


Arda Ocal (@arda_ocal) of The Score Television Network had a chance to speak to WWE Hall Of Famer, "Mr.USA" Tony Atlas in this exclusive interview. Highlights:

His thoughts on Hulk Hogan using the trademark "cup to the ear" to the fans. Speaks about how Hulk Hogan was not the first person to do that trademark before.

" Georgia Championship Wrestling, I was watching a match one day, and it was a wrestler by the name of Thunderboat Patterson. He went to the crowd and went like this ( cup to the ear ), and went to the other side and did this, I thought it was pretty neat. I went down in Flordia, and saw Dusty Rhodes doing the same thing. In 1980 when I went to the WWF at the time, I thought about what I saw Thunderboat and Dusty Rhodes do, so I decided to do it. When I did it, it was in a match with Hogan. When Hogan became champion, I sat in the dressing room and saw Hogan doing it."

When he looks at Professional Wrestling over the years, what are some of the things that he perfected that he still see's wrestlers do today:

How did he become the inspiration of the Slammy Statue that has been used for the WWE Slammy Awards for many years in WWE:

" One of the guys at the WWF offices at the time came to me and asked me "do you have a picture of you press slamming anyone" . So I gave them a picture of me press slamming Victor Guerrero. I gave them that picture, and the guy gave the picture right back at me about a month or 2 later. Then I went to the first Slammys in 1985. If you look closely at the bottom of the statue, you see thats Tony Atlas, cause think about who was doing the press slam in 1985 when the slammy was created."

His thoughts on WWE today, since he still makes occasional appearances with them. What involvement would he like to still be with them today ? Would he like to be there on a regular basis or his he happy with his sporadic appearances with WWE ?

"Anybody that says that they don' t wanna be in the WWE are either lying to themselves, lying to whoever they are talking to, or just plan nuts. The WWE is probably the greatest organization in the history of pro wrestling. The ratings for WWE, probably the greatest ratings of anything on television."

You can watch the interview embedded below:


Arda Ocal (@arda_ocal) of The Score Television Network had a chance to speak to WWE Hall Of Famer, Johnny Rodz in this exclusive interview. Highlights:

Training many great superstars in his career such has Tommy Dreamer, and Tazz. What are the biggest pieces of advice in the wrestling industry he gives to his students when he trains them for professional wrestling:

" Never Stop. If you really wanna have a dream, and you really wanna succedd, Never stop just keep trying because there's no way to do it unless you say what you are gonna do. So to me its work hard, pay your dues, and maybe you will make it. "

His thoughts on Tommy Dreamer mentioning that with how Rodz could keep up with the pace with his students so late in his life. How was he able to keep up the pace with his students so late in his life:

His thoughts on his former student Bill DeMott. How proud is he to see him train other students in his role on the reality TV show " WWE Tough Enough" , also who does feel is the hardest workers he trained in wrestling ? :

" Very proud, im very proud of him ( Bill DeMott ). The hardest workers I think thats moving around is D-Von Dudley and Bubba Dudley, These guys have been going on and on and I dont think there ever gonna stop, and they have been on for quite a while"

Looking back at his career, what are some his career highlights in his legendary wrestling career ? :

You can watch the video embedded in the video below:


Arda Ocal (@arda_ocal) of The Score Television Network had a chance to speak to WWE Hall Of Famer, Mae Young in this exclusive interview. Highlights:

How does she still appear and compete on WWE TV despite her age:

" I dont know, im 89 years old. and ive been wrestling since I was 16 years old. Ive been wrestling for a long time for Vince McMahon and his daddy. I love the wrestling business. I was born to be a wrestler."

Speaks about how Vince McMahon will put her in a match on her 100th birthday in WWE, and who it will be against:

" When Im 100 years old, im gonna wrestle his daugther Stephanie McMahon, and her daughter Aurora ( Laughs )

Speaks about how she was able to withstand being put through tables years ago by the Dudley Boys during her time on WWE TV:

" I dont know. The Dudley Boys was great with me, I wrestled around, and they slammed me through the tables and all that stuff.

You can watch the interview embedded in the video below:

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