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NWA Powerrr Review: Holler If Ya Hear Me

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The NWA has become must watch programming in 2020 and if you aren't doing so yet then you are doing nostalgia incorrectly. They have gone back and stripped down all the big production of wrestling back down to it's roots and simply let the wrestlers be the stars. 

The biggest part of the night was the Main Event with Nick Aldis introducing the "third man" for Team Aldis and it's none other than Scott Steiner. Which is we had followed the equation presented to us over time on NWA we would have seen that 1/3rd of the team was needed and to get an upper hand you need a genetic freak who isn't normal. 

However that wouldn't mean Nick Aldis would have a completely great night, as he would be eliminated in the TV title tournament in his match with Ricky Starks. Starks refused to submit to Aldis who had the Texas Cloverleaf hooked and a draw forced both men to be eliminated.

That wasn't the last we would see of the TV title tournament this night, Zicky Dice defeated Caleb Konley to advance via pinfall. This was a fast paced matchup that saw many near falls. These two guys brought a nice speed and new age athleticism to a promotion that looks like it's set in 1970.

Aron Stevens had an interview segment with the Question Mark and as always he delivered the kind of passion he does in promos. He would be a great person to have in any promotion, especially as a coach as he can help people with their characters.

A superstar who got a huge pop last night was Thunder Rosa who defeated ODB in a decent match. This was a good balance of the prior match as it featured tough strikes, a camel clutch and then Rosa picked up the pace to conclude the match as she won with the top rope double stomp. 

Eli Drake and James Storm defeated Colt Cabana and Ken Anderson in a tag match. This was a good tag match that saw dysfunction between Cabana and Anderson that may lead to a feud. This was really escalated due to Anderson grabbing the referee out of anger and leading to a disqualification. 

If you would like to see the entire episode you can watch it below:


What were your thoughts from NWA Powerrr this week? Let me know on Twitter @awesomephinatic.

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