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Rey Mysterio & Manik Remember El Hijo del Perro Aguayo

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Aguayo Jr.

Thomas Golianopoulos penned a detailed article on on the death of El Hijo del Perro Aguayo (whose real name was Pedro Aguayo Ramírez). He interviewed several people about what happened, including Rey Mysterio, mentioned the neck injury to Tyson Kidd that he suffered [with WWE] in June and much more. Below are the highlights:

Read: El Hijo del Perro Aguayo Dies After Match With Rey Mysterio

TJ “Manik” Perkins on the night:

“Everything was normal,” says T.J. “Manik” Perkins, Aguayo’s tag team partner that evening. “Up until the moment we were both on the ropes, everything was totally normal.”

Aguayo Jr, 35, died off a bad spot with Rey Mysterio, where he broke his neck and suffered a cervical stroke. The cause of death was ruled as cardiac arrest, likely a result of the stroke.

Mysterio remembered the horrifying night:

“I had doubt in my mind if I had done something—that I could have caused it,” he says. “I probably went over it a hundred times trying to find what I could have done different, if anything. Apparently not.”

It’s noted Mysterio first realized Aguayo Jr. was injured while midair, attempting his 619 finisher.

Rey had a heart to heart talk with his wife Angie the Thursday before Triplemanía, where he was nervous about the show and doubted whether he should still be wrestling.

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