Rip Rogers On Comedic Wrestling, WWE Hall of Fame & More

Rip Rogers

Rip Rogers was recently interviewed on X-Pac's podcast and had the following to say about comedic wrestling:

“I started in the seventies so I still act like it’s real. I still think it’s real and anything that isn’t crisp, I don’t like it. Even though I can be wrong… But I can’t do the dick spot, I can’t do the blow up dolls, or work with the little girl or anything like that, I just can’t do it.”

On not getting inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame:

“I am nothing compared to these guys that go into the Hall of Fame. I am just a guy, a fan, who loves pro wrestling, loves everything it used to stand for. I never got in it for the money. I just wanted to be apart of it because I love the business. And whether it was thirty-thousand people there or fifty-two, I never gave less than the best of my effort or try to short change anybody and I just love this wrestling business and that’s it.”

Positives of modern wrestling:

“Well, the guys are so athletic and anything that the guys do today, it’s not their fault. They didn’t have the advantage that we had of getting in the ring with forty-year-olds training twenty-year-olds night after night and learning. It’s wasn’t that they liked me, they were just trying to keep me from hurting them because I was so rotten. But you learned and you listened.”


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