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Sam Adonis On Pro-Trump Indy Gimmick, Advice From Corey Graves

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Sam Adonis

Independent wrestler Sam Adonis has been making the rounds doing a pro-Donald Trump inspired gimmick to get him major heat, especially in Mexico. He was interviewed by the Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling and had the following to say regarding his persona:

“Honestly, people make it out to be more than it actually is and they want to call it a Donald Trump character or a Donald Trump gimmick and it is not any of those. I am basically just more abrasive of a heel than anybody else. I am just so cocky and out-landish that I am more or less finding it funny to rub it in your face. The people of Mexico hate it and I am so obnoxious and so mean that I say well if you hate Donald Trump , I am going to come to the ring with a flag and his face on it. That is kind of a mis-conception that people think I am trying to be like him and that I am trying to be a Republican supporter when really that is not it. I am just a classic and traditional villain and cocky, arrogant heel that I just take it to an extreme and I am just that much of a prick that I take advantage of a sour situation for the Mexican public.”

Not using the same last name as his brother Corey Graves:

“Yes it is definitely by design. It is a bit of respect for him because he’s put in his work and he’s done what he needed to do so I don’t want to discredit it by doing it my way and at the same time it is a bit of confidence on my part as well. I want to be able to say I never needed to use his name to get what I’ve got. I feel like I could probably be a bit further along as far as Independent name in the United States if I were to use his name, however I can honestly say as far as my exploits in Mexico he had nothing to do with anything. If I were to get back to the WWE one day and have a bigger run for myself there is not one person that can say he’s only done it because of his brother. Anybody who thinks that is just ill informed. So it is definitely by design and I think it has worked out for the both of us.”

Advice he received from Corey:

“There’s just so many. He’s been the one that anytime I need more or less mental decisions and anything that is behavioral or monetarily or anything that I need to know whether I’m in a contract dispute or need to cancel a booking and anything I’ve had like that he’s done first. He’s really been there for all of that stuff for me and that is kind of what I’ve learned from him.”

Credit: Wrestlezone for transcribed audio


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