Smith Hart Will Spend His Final Days In Hospice Care

Smith Hart

It was announced via his official Facebook page that Smith Hart, who at 68 is the oldest brother of the Hart Family, will be spending the final moments of his life in hospice care.

Smith was diagnosed with Stage IV terminal cancer in late 2016 and does not have a lot of time left to live so he wanted to make sure those moments were the most comfortable he could possibly make them.

He said the following:

"I am now more comfortable after being moved into Hospice care. I would like to end any strife or suffering I have been involved with over my life. To anyone and everyone, cherish the moments you have in this world. Do not waste your time with hate or anger. To anyone I have offended, mistreated or been at odds with, please accept my humblest of apologies. While I may not have always been everyone's cup of tea, I always did my best to be the person I was most inspired by, my father. I would also like to thank my dear friend Carl Leduc, for making the visit from Montreal to come see me. It meant the world and I really like the new phone."

Smith had made a few appearances in the WWE over the years but was mostly known for his work in Stampede Wrestling, NWA and the WWC in Puerto Rico. He was also known for having trained some wrestlers of his own over the years including The Highlanders.

He had his share of legal problems in the later years of his life as well including tons of money he owed to spouses and children as well as having to be escorted off the property after the Hart Home was sold.

However, we all hope he is able to remain comfortable as he enjoys the final moments in his illustrious life and career.


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