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"Superstar" Billy Graham In Serious Condition

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    Original: has more on the health of "Superstar" Billy Graham. According to the report, Graham was hospitalized on Thursday after being sick with influenza symptoms for the past few weeks. As we previously reported, Graham was diagnosed with double pneumonia and is showing signs of the start of heart failure.

The publication also reports Graham's transplanted liver is in the cirrhosis stage due to Hepatitis C, the blood disease he contracted during his wrestling career. Click here for coverage by

The following update was posted on Graham's Facebook page:

Below is a shared post from Superstar Billy Graham’s close friend in Phoenix “Big” Bill Anderson who visited him in the hospital January 18th. Anderson informed me that he is very worried about The Superstar’s immune system. Doctors are currently working on finding the best treatment for Graham.

Anderson, who trained Sting and The Ultimate Warrior, also told me Billy’s chest is very congested and he has a deep cough but his sense of humor is still there.

There should be some type of update on his heart condition tomorrow.

Just got back from visiting Superstar Billy Graham at the Phoenix Mayo Clinic. Billy is in serious condition, suffering from double pneumonia and a horriffic cough. The doctors are going to run a line down his throat to his chest to get a tissue sample to find out what strain of pneumonia he has. He is in good spirits, but very short of breath. I passed along all the well wishes and he is very thankful for all of his friends! I will be seeing him tomorrow morning again. Keep praying everone! Please!

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