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Tammy Sytch Checks Into Rehab After Drinking Nearly Two Gallons Of Vodka; WWE Footing The Bill For Her Help

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Tammy Sytch, formerly known as Sunny, checked into a rehabilitation program on Monday. Sytch was treated at an emergency room this past Friday night after reportedly consuming almost two gallons of vodka. It was her boyfriend, Damien Darling, who urged her to get help.

On Sunday, Sytch filmed a shoot interview with RF Video before making the brave move. RF Video'sRob Feinstein put WWE over on his Facebook page for their handling of the situation. Below is his post in its entirety:

I want to take this time to really put over the WWE as many people don't know how quick they work and this needs to get out there. I am not writing this to put myself over, I am putting over the WWE. Yesterday when we finished the interview with Tammy I made a quick phone call to Tommy Dreamer and told him that Tammy wanted to go to rehab ASAP. He made one call to them on a Sunday and within 30 minutes she was booked with in 24 hours and the WWE had her picked up today as well. The WWE needs alot of credit on how fast they acted and it is a good thing that they do this for anyone that has worked for the company.

WWE offers financial assistance in paying for rehab to any current or former talents.

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